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May 2, 2009 08:53 AM

Soley! in Dallas (on Henderson)

If you haven't tried Soley! yet, you are missing out on superb food, reasonably priced with a great atmosphere. We had dinner there last night for the second time in a month, and it was steller. I had the French Onion Soup with Oaxaca cheese on crouton and diced avocado ($7) for an appetizer and the Ancho Chile Rubbed Pork Chop in a truffled-corn puree with tequila demi-glace as an entree. The pork chop ($20) was among the best entrees that I've had in Dallas (in 25 years) - it brough back memories of the wonderful cherry-glazed pork chop from Mediterraneo (God rest its soul). My partner had the Soley! salad with oranges and beets ($8) and the Steak Frites ($18) - the steak was silky sliced in a red wine demi-glaze and the matchstick fries were also among the best in Dallas. I would rank the chef on par with Nick Badovinous, Blythe Beck and Kent Rathbun - if you like their restaurants, you will love Soley! This is exactly the type of innovative food (at a reasonable pricepoint) that would put Dallas on par with the national and international dining scenes. Please support it!

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  1. We went last week and also had a great meal. The salads were great and I loved the fries in the steak frites. We also had the duck with sweet potato puree, which was great. The meat was tender and flavorful and was wonderful with the puree. The only downside was the mojito, which wasn't quite balanced right. Should have gone with the sangria, I guess! Definitely a great find for the price range, and very friendly service.

    1. Been there twice. First time, shortly after they opened. Everything was fantastic. Very creative, delicious food.
      Second time, not so great. The fish was, 'fishy" and tough and, things were, just not good. But, I'll go again. Now that they've been open for a while, maybe they'll be more consistent.