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May 2, 2009 08:52 AM

Oregon recs-hood river/pendleton

Looking for recs in the hood river/fruit loop area. Also in the Pendleton/Hermiston corridor.
2 different trips, all types of food and prices appreciated. bring 'em on. Thanks

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  1. check out double mountain brewpub in hood river for good craft beer and east coast style pizza.. probably some of the best pizza in oregon if that's your thing. bring change for parking meters.

    1. Trillium; good food, a bit spendy (12.00 for a burger etc.)

      1. I would highly recommend Good River Restaurant in the small town of Mosier, which is located between The Dalles and Hood River. It is one of the top rated restaurants in the area according to Northwest Best Places (a great guidebook), so I checked it out when I was passing through last September and was quite impressed. Not only is the menu creative and the food good, but it's in a great location. The windows on the north side look out onto what is the beginning of one of the most popular old historic highways in Oregon. If you prefer to eat outside, they have a lovely patio. And in the evenings, they have a small bar on the other side of the patio that's called The Thirsty Women's Pub or something like that. It wasn't open when I was there, but it looked fun. If you choose to eat in The Dalles, Baldwin Saloon has been around forever and is the place the locals go. They also have an interesting menu, but with plenty of old standards too. For example, they serve their BLT on homemade blue cheese bread. They serve a lunch special of a bowl of Cioppino, with salad and homemade bread between the hours of 11-2 or 3. I haven't eaten Cioppino that often, but theirs was the best I've had. I wouldn't recommend thier burgers though, because mine was very dry and a friend who ate there had the same experience. There is also a French restaurant in The Dalles called Petit Provence. I haven't eaten there, but the day I popped in it was very busy even though it was 2 pm. As for Hood River, one of my favorite places is to 6th Street Bistro, where they have good pub food. I typically order their Damn Good Cheeseburger and have yet to be disappointed. Also, their chef is French, so the fries he serves are homemade pommes frites, which are very good. I would stay away from Brian's Pour House, unless you're going there specifically for drinks. It's highly rated in the guidebooks, but I went there last September and ordered the rockfish tacos, which were nothing special. They do seem to have a rather long and interesting drink menu though. I've heard Celilo is really good, but I haven't been there yet, though plan to do so in October. It's a fine dining style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. There is an Italian restaurant called Abruzzo, which is very popular. I ate there once years ago and wasn't that impressed, but I'd be willing to give it another try. For breakfast, I'd highly recommend Egg Harbor. They have great views of the Colombia River Gorge and great food. I'm not a huge breakfast person, but the first time I ate there, I liked it so much that I purposely timed my return trip back through that area a week later, just so I could have the pleasure of eating there again. I've tried the eggs benedict and some kind of tasty scramble that had eggs, potatoes, chorizos etc., both of which I liked but I was especially impressed with the latter. One of the nice things about dining in Hood River is that most of the restaurants are on one street, Oak I think. So you can just walk up one side and down the other, checking out menus and seeing what appeals to you.