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Jul 20, 2004 10:44 AM


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Everytime we are in Hawaii my first stop is LAPPERT'S icecream available in the Hono connecting terminal. Simply fantastic flavors unlike anything on the Mainland. I asked the manager about five years ago if they were ever going to expand to Calif, the answer was NO! Apparently the owner died last year and his Son has opened some locations in So. Cal. I came across one yesterday in Laguna(540 S. PCH) and it's just like I remember it, definitely worth a visit. Other locations are: Mission Viejo, Hilton or Hyatt (Huntington Beach)

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  1. There has been a lappert's in sausalito, ca for some years now. Also i think las vegas. But good to know there will be some socal locations

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      john gonzales

      Yep, the Sausalito Lappert's (assuming it's still there) has been there for more than ten years. Hermosa (assuming it too is open) for about five. I saw recently that Aloha Coffee store in BevHills was carrying Lappert's now too.
      Awesome stuff. I'm with you Russ, a scoop is in order immediately to celebrate arrival in Honolulu. My favorite outposts (Koloa & Hanalei) are on Kauai. The original factory is out in Hanapeppe on west Kauai, where they filmed Thorn Birds. The Coconut-Mac-Fudge is great, as is the Kauai Pie. Sorry to hear that the founder, who used to be around the Kauai shops has passed away.

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        Check out lapperts.com. You'll get all the locations.

    2. There's been one on the Hermosa Beach pier for several years.

      1. Can't wait to try it. Any idea where the Mission Viejo one is?

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          A google search on Lapperts mission.viejo gives the address as;

          Moxie Java
          28815 Los Alisos Blvd #C
          Mission Viejo, CA 92692
          (949) 581-3908

        2. My favorite thing about Lappert's in Hawaii is their shave ice, literally shaved powder fine from a huge rotating cylindrical block of ice and saturated with those wonderful tropical syrups. Last summer (or maybe the summer before that) I got an urge, found the Hermosa Beach shop through Google, and dragged the Missus on down there. Utter disappointment. The HB shop sells American style snow cones, pure and simple. No powder fine shave ice; no homemade tropical syrups. Didn't try their ice cream, but their shave ice definitely doesn't cut it.

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            I was in Hawaii this past January and went to the LappertÂ’s in Kihei for my first Hawaiian shave ice in years. The ice was hard and crunchy the exact opposite of what I remembered so fondly. It was as if they put the ice in a blender and then packed it in a cup. The syrup only gave a hint of flavor on the top of the ice and then gathered in the bottom of the cup. After drinking the syrup I was left with a rock-hard snowball that would definitely have caused some serious damage.

            Such a disappointment.


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              Dude, you were in Kihei. Almost like the mainland there. :)

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                Almost like the Mainland? You must be thinking about Lahaina...

                Next time you are in Kihei go to Da Kitchen that place more than makes up for how bad Lappert's was...

          2. For those of us far from the beach, the ice cream place next to the Shabu-Shabu house in the Little Tokyo Mall sells several varieties of Lappert's ice cream, along with various mochis.

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              Or at Shaka's in Monterey Park.