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May 2, 2009 06:33 AM

Dinner near the Arctic Club hotel

We are in Seattle for 1 night (a Saturday in June) without a car and will be staying at the Arctic Club Hotel. We land in the late afternoon and will be on eastern time so we don't want a late evening. We would like to have a good meal convenient to the hotel. We prefer something that we can't back home (we are Midwesterners) so Pacific Northwest, or Pan Asian food sounds like it would hit the spot. Our budget isn't limitless but we aren't necessarily looking for cheap eats. Any suggestions?

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  1. Margib,

    You are within walking distance of the International District. Do a search on here looking for either that or ID, its abbreviation. If you like Pho, the yummy Vietnamese soup, I would recommend Pho Bac.

    Billy Bob

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      Pho Bac is great, but can be inconsistent on weekends and in the late afternoon when it's not busy.

      Green Leaf or Tamarind Tree are both relatively close and great options.

    2. Juno is right next door.
      And while not PNW food, Piroshki on 3rd, is there too....

      1. I'd head to Green Leaf, which is terrific Vietnamese on 8th just south of Jackson St in the International District. It's not too long a walk (10 minutes) but you can always catch a #7, #14 or #36 bus from 3rd Ave, heading south. Get off on Jackson at 7th or 8th (I forget where it stops exactly).

        1. Looks like Juno is undergoing a menu redo, according to the web..and Piroshki's will be closed when we are there. The other options look great-any other suggestions?

          1. The Vietnamese restaurants recommended are terrific.

            For a nice selection of Pacific Northwest seafood, I'd recommend the Brooklyn:


            Another option for seafood is McCormick's Fish House & Bar:


            Both are a walkable distance from your hotel and both feature fresh seafood.

            Brooklyn Seafood Steak & Oyster House
            1212 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

            McCormick's Fish House & Bar
            722 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104