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May 2, 2009 05:59 AM

What has happened to Mambo Berry?? Can't find them!!!

Please, someone tell me where they are? I spent a week in NYC gorging on Pinkberry (mochies, mmmm) and need to find a source here in Austin. I've been to their location at Lamar and Barton Springs, and the trailer is nowhere to be found!

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  1. Not sure where MamboBerrry is now, but I think there is a similar style yogurt available in that new yogurt place in the base of the 360. I haven't been yet, so I can't confirm it.

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    1. re: Mike B

      That new place in the base of 360 is called Yummy Yo I think, and the yogurt there is terrible. Not at all like Pinkberry or Mambo Berry. Their tart yogurt is very watery and chemical tasting. Other than Mambo Berry, I'd say the best quality yogurt in Austin is at Yogurt Planet at the Triangle or at that place far north, Tomunchi. I'm speaking only of the plain/tart flavor, since that's all I ever get.

      1. re: angusb

        Agreed. I've tried the one in the 360 and it's not very good.

        1. re: hlk

          Thanks for the warning. Just saved myself a trip!

    2. I know -- what's up with those guys?! The only time I've been able to find and purchase some Mambo Berry this year is when I ran into them unexpectedly outside Club Deville during SXSW. I wish they were open & in their usual spot more often.

      I think they are supposed to be at the Pecan Street Festival this weekend.

      Yogurt Planet in The Triangle has very good Pinkberry-style yogurt as well. But Mambo Berry is my favorite in town.

      1. Mambo Berry is focusing on weekend events, so you aren't likely to find it at it's past home near Barton Springs and S. Lamar. The owner says the Web site or Twitter account ( are the best ways to find out where it will be.

        Here's a blog post about some of the frozen yogurt places that have opened recently, including Yummy Yo: