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May 2, 2009 01:57 AM

Negril - Brixton Hill. Great Jerk chicken

Along with Tasty Jerk, I really think this place deserves a mention as their jerk chicken is a cut above the rest..

A cozy restaurant and take away, which was bursting at the seams last night! Currently no licence but you can BYO i think.

Moist, juicy, free range chicken is marinaded in superior home-made jerk seasoning with is really addictive. Comes with a really fruity/firey scotch bonnet sauce and a milder one too. Homemade coleslaw was really nice, as was the callaloo. They also do burgers, ribs, curries and roti wraps,. all of which look great.. You can also get breakfast there, which is quite nice. The main point being they serve jerk sausages made by Moens butchers of Clapham.

Certainly worth a visit if you're in the vicinity. Its half way up Brixton hill on the right, just past the disused garage / carwash place.

Unfortunately they've had to stop the BBQ's outside due to neighbour complaints, but they said they will do a stall in some sort of market starting outside St Matthews Church soon. Sounds interesting !

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  1. I love Negril. It's like modern Caribbean. The plantain wedges and jerk burgers are fab!

    1. Thanks to you chowhounds for pointing me to Negril, which is just around the corner! My friend and I are both vegetarians, and while Tasty Jerk is highly recommended, their menu is sparse on vegetarian options. Negril, by comparison, was joyfully rich in options for us. We had their mixed bean curry with rice and peas, festival (lightly sweet fritters), and plaintains. All was wonderfully tasty, especially the rice and peas, which had a lovely coconut edge.

      To clarify more information (since it's still fresh in the mind), alcohol is 2.50 per person for all alcohol you wish to bring.

      1. what a shame to hear they had to stop their BBQ's - they were great on a Sunday afternoon in the sun. I havent been to Negril for a couple of years but used to have breakfast there a lot - and their jerk is definitely worth checking out.
        Further up the hill is the Gallery - a tiny Portuguese place that does the best peri peri chicken - also worth a visit (and they do take away)