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May 1, 2009 11:04 PM

Zinfandel glass

I have been enjoying my new pinot and bordeaux glasses and wondered what glass you all prefer for a rich California zin. I've noticed they taste fruitier and more expansive in a pinot glass; more "closed," tannic and dense in a bordeaux glass.

I'm also noticing that some inexpensive Spanish wines that tend to drink a bit thin will be helped by the bordeaux glass -- concentrates the flavor somewhat.

Apologies if all this sounds newbie-ish. I've loved wines all my life but just now am learning about appropriate stemware.

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  1. Riedel's Zin glass is shaped much like their Bordeaux glass but is smaller. Most Pinot glasses have a relatively large, very round shape to pick up the more delicate aromas of Pinot.

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    1. Interesting. I have always grabbed a Bdx stem. Now, I must try some in my Burg glasses, just to see.

      Thanks, you gave me a great reason to have a Zin on Sunday evening. Tonight is Italian, and we're doing a mag. so there will likely not be room for Zin.


      1. IMHO the 13 oz. "Chianti Classico" (aka "Zinfandel") from the Riedel 'Vinum' line is outstanding for Zinfandel and one of the best all-purpose red wine glasses around.

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          If I'm not mistaken, the Riedel 130z Zin glass is the one in my pic above.

          FWIW, I am acquainted with a Master of Wine (who owns a wine importing and distributing company) who has always said that his pick for all-around tasting glass is the Riedel Extreme Chianti. It is larger than the Vinum and has a distinctive angular shape to the bowl.

          Can't seem to get the phito to link.

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            Interesting, the Vinum Extreme Chianti has that same angular bowl shape as the pinot glass I used for the zin -- a Schott Zwiesel Titan glass. The Titan bowl looks like the Vinum bowl, just not as tall.


            You can view the Extreme Chianti glass on Riedel's site below, on the Chianti page. Click on the little picture to enlarge. (Model 4444/0



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              The Riedel reference is the picture I was trying to attach for you. I really don't know about the technical aspects but it is ONE GOOD LOOKING GLASS, if you get excited by that sort of thing. Kindof has that 'knows what they're doing' look to it. :o)

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            The Riedel Chianti and Zinfandel glass is also the Riesling shape. It is my favorite all-round tasting glass.

          3. I tend to prefer Zin out of a more Bordeaux (or, actually, Sangiovese) glass. I find Zins to be somewhat flimsy and unfocused to begin with and the Pinot glasses add to that. HOWEVER,if YOU prefer them out of Pinot glasses, go for it! :-)

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              That has been my choice, but I have to admit that I have not tried the Riedel Burg stems yet. Will, and we'll see what that yields.