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Yankee Stadium Food Review

Tried a number of the stands. The old rule still applies: if the stand is a name brand, it's likely to be good. If it's a generic stand "Fan Favorites" it's not very good.

The roving hot dog vendors. In the old stadium, the vendors carried around a metal steaming oven. He then assembled the hot dog as you ordered them. Now the hot dogs are pre-assembled and kept in the familiar cafeteria foil wrap. The oven has been replaced by an insulated carrying caes. The dogs are cold and terrible.

The sliders at the generic "Fan Favorite" stand (dry)
The garlic fries at the garlic fry stand (the garlic is too weak)

Carl's Cheesesteak (bit bland, long line)

>The Primo Italian Sausages (better than the old stadium, larger, grilled longer, more veggies)
>Johnny Rocket's Cheeseburger
>Johnny Rocket's chocolate shake
>Meatball "Parm" Hero at the Italian deli in the Food Court (BUT the "Parm" is a lie...no cheese on top..."it's baked in" they said)

Nothing's cheap, but some of it is worth it.

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  1. I'm a season ticket holder so I've done some sampling.

    I think the garlic fries are amaaaaazing. The garlic is serious I housed a large last night and thank god my boyfriend loves me because my breath was awful .

    The popcorn is the same... delicious.
    Hot dogs are the same
    The hot chocolate is a huge upgrade, it was awful before. Now its like swiss miss level which is all I ask for at a ball park.
    I miss dipping dots. I hate soft serve and turkey hill is shitty. I hope carvel brings in their version of dots, molecools I think.
    I've had the real Carls and the Carls at the stadium is a piss poor version.

    I love going to the Arthur ave market for my meat so I spoke to the Arthur ave guys the day they went to their meeting. The reason why they are not doing cold cuts is because the stadium told them it had to be Boars Head (some contract) but they weren't gonna sell out.

    Baked in parm? That's fucking disgraceful.

    1. The Lobel's prime beef sandwich is excellent. the stand is located along the left field line field level concourse. prime beef is carved right in front of you and your sandwich is assembled to order. no steam table. the beef is served medium (pink) ladled with au jus on a very tasty brioche-type bun that holds up to the au jus very nicely. price is a bit steep at $15. however compared to $19 parking, $10 program, $12 carl's steak and/or boars head sandwiches, $9 beers, and $6 sodas, it is IMHO a relative value.

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        Went out there Friday night. What annoyed me was that a lot of the so-called "gourmet" dishes detailed in recent NYT articles are only available in the white table cloth restaurants restricted to those who pay obscene ticket prices and club entry fees. I don't think baseball fans should have to deal with the old Studio 54 mindset as far as eating goes, but apparently the Yankees disagree. Regarding the food and beer prices for us "poor folks", I'd rather take my $$$ out to Queens and spend it at one of the hundreds of terrific family-run ethnic restaurants. Not only will that $$$ go 4x further, but I won't be supporting corporate rip-offs.

        1. re: bruce3404

          the lobel's prime beef sandwich is open to all. I ate it in the bleachers.

        2. re: biga290

          I agree, the Lobel's sandwich was very good. I liked that they also provided fresh horseradish and an olive tampenade. The line wasn't too bad either, less then 10 minutes when I went. The price was a bit high but you have to pay for quality so that's not a big issue for me.

          The rest of the food I had at the stadium was just ok.

        3. Been to two games so far this year..

          Agree about the vendor hot dogs - they were atrocious.
          Disagree about the garlic fries, mine had plenty of garlic and were hot and crispy.

          Will try the "new" Premio sausages next time, I was not crazy about the ones at the old Stadium.

          It is also hard to find different beers. It seems that a large section of the stadium is served by Bud, a separate large section is served by Lite, etc... It'll take me a few more games to figure all of that out.

          At these prices, guess I'll do more eating and drinking before I arrive.

          1. Had the Johnny Rocket single burger last night- it was pure crap. The burger was dry as hell, there was some weak slices of tomato and the cheese wasn't even melted on the burger. What the hell is that for $9???

            The hot chocolate was excellent, on a side note.

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            1. re: razorramon

              I hate that they decided to go with a chain like Johnny Rockets instead of a NY burger place.

            2. GREAT burger at the Jim Beam / Delta Suite on the terrace level (upper deck) behind home plate. It was a "grass fed angus burger" for $11. A whopper would have been a major upgrade compared to the old ballpark food. This was a real burger, served medium rare. Lots of flavor the correct amount of burger grease, the tomato was red (truly a shock). Came with real, not canned, cole slaw and a small fried pickle on the tooth pick that held it together.

              They asked to see that our ticket was between 317 and 323 which are the upper deck seats with nice cushions behind home plate. We were in 325 and it wasnt busy so he let us in which he was doing for alot of people. They were $65 face value seats (tampa game), the same price as other seats outside the club access section, tho it didnt affect us.

              Also on the menu was a hot dog on a pretzel bun, an asian noodle salad, Becks or Stella on tap, they had a full bar with top shelf liquor, very slick looking inside plenty of TVs and brushed aluminum high tops. There were some other food options there but I cant remember.

              As I said, it was a very good burger, pink in the middle with a charred beefy flavor; definitely some sirloin in there.

              1. Sorry to hear about your empty thousand $+ seats. Here at the Trop, we can park for free (with 4 in the car), lighten the coolers for an hour, then enjoy $1 hot dogs on dog night, as the Rays kick Yankee and Red Sox butt. A pretty good value for a $11 ticket. Oh, and air conditioned. And keep your rain.

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                  1. re: Veggo

                    How much did you enjoy yourself from inception in1998 until last year? With 756 wins and 1053 losses, you probably spent more time in the parking lot then in the stands. How good does the food taste when your team stinks? And I'm a Met fan! We have some excellent food at Citifield but I can't wait to check out Yankee Stadium, that Lobel's sandwich sounds awesome
                    It's all good Veggo, I appreciate your help on these boards.

                    1. re: stuartlafonda

                      I did kinda leave out that we get our butts whipped with regularity, and draft beer inside is 8 bucks.

                      1. re: stuartlafonda

                        The food at Citifield surpasses NYS. At least the Mets can win at something.

                      2. re: Veggo

                        Something had to be done to attract customers to watch a bad team in a can of concrete. The Rays must have a plan for a new, ripoff stadium in place.

                        1. re: MahatmaKanejeeves

                          Actually they had a grandiose plan for an open air waterfront stadium, which would have been a disaster in a sweltering Florida summer. We can only half-fill Trop Field against the Sox and Yankees, even with the pleasant AC. It's a pretty nice place, if you are not that passionate about the home team winning. The Ted Williams museum there is impressive, and there is a range of passable food, which is pricey at pretty much any MLB ballfield.

                      3. The pulled pork sandwich at Brother Jimmy's was pretty darn good. Could've used more sauce though.

                        1. Where do I begin...
                          My first complaint is the beer selection. Bud...Bud...and more Bud. Yuck. The "Beers of the World" stand was a joke. They had 3 selections behind a folding table. I think the selections were Heineken, Becks and yes, Bud. Compared to Citifield's International Beer Bar (An actual circular bar with upwards of 15 selections) the Yankees take was just pathetic. I guess the bleacher creatures are satiated by that Budweiser schwill.

                          The food stands were your standard “same old same old”. Hot dogs that have been sitting on the grill for hours to be placed on stale buns. Pretzels and nachos that I barely even glanced at knowing that it was the same old corporate crap that the Yankees (and many other ballparks) have been slinging for decades. The new “Asian “ options left me unsettled. Who really wants to eat sushi or a ramen bowl at a ballgame?

                          The Lobel’s sandwich was the only salvation in this food wasteland. Thanks to “BigA290” for steering me in the right direction. The meat was tender and juicy, although I would have preferred it a touch rarer. The horseradish sauce gave it a nice kick and the roll was soft and fresh. The Johnny Rockets I also consumed was possibly the most disgusting mess of a food trough I have ever laid eyes on. To compare the burger to Wendy’s is being very generous. The meat was thin and flavorless, smothered in some indistinguishable sauce on a mealy bun. The onion rings were a slight step up and I maybe I would have enjoyed them had they been even remotely warm. The kicker to the whole Johnny Rockets food debacle was that NONE of the items ordered (friends also ordered the burger and fries which were soggy and tasteless) were even remotely warm. Straight up cold and cold, fatty food is just nasty.

                          I hate to make the comparison, and team allegiance aside, Citifield blows Yankee stadium away in every conceivable way. The staff at Yankee stadium were rude and tyrannical. There was nowhere for us to actually sit and eat the food in the immediate area of the food stands. We would have had to trek all the way back to our seats (which were in the very last row) trying to juggle our food and crappy beers. My opinion is they did not consider the fan when they designed this stadium. It is a shrine to Yankee legends and a beautiful field for overpaid athletes to strut their stuff. Yes, I understand that the game should come first…but if you spend over $1 billion on the construction of a new stadium you think you could have put a little effort into considering that people might want to relax, have a beer, and eat their overpriced Johnny Rockets at a table? Poor, poor planning.

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                          1. re: ChowDiva

                            I agree with you ChowDiva I would have liked the Lobel's sandwich more if it had been served medium rare or rare rather than medium. I suspect it is served medium because their lawyers or the Yankees lawyers insist upon medium for liability reasons. Nevertheless it is still very tasty. Have they added horseradish sauce?

                            1. re: biga290

                              They were in small individual containers on the side.

                              1. re: ChowDiva

                                philw66, I had no problem getting real beer (other than Bud/Lite, for which you might as well drink water) but you really need to walk around to find the stands that sell them. No wonder the stand are empty - people are out looking for good tasting beer to forget how we're playing during this slump!
                                I had the interesting experience of taking some customers to the Audi Lounge for dinner on Tuesday night. $11 for a Gentleman Jack on the rock (price not too bad, drink was great). Then $65 per person for a buffet. The food was good, but you never eat your money's worth. Throw in a bottle of wine wtih dinner and the tab was $450 - to eat at a freakin' ball game!!! And, the Yanks lost to the Red Sox, which alone causes agita. I admit to having corporate tickets and an expense account but it's just so sad that the average person needs a loan to go to a baseball game these days.

                                1. re: Vint1955

                                  Could you tell where are the good beer stands (which side, floor or section of the stadium) and what beers do they have? I used to know where to buy at least a a normal bottled beer (pilsner urquell for ex.) in the old stadium but I haven't found any real beer spot here, as opposed to citifield. Someone told me that they're selling brooklyn lager on draft at the yanks stadium but I haven't seen that.

                                  1. re: LRS

                                    If I'm not mistaken, the Beers of the World is near section 121, just past Lobell's. My boyfriend hunted it down when we went to Old Timer's day & was ecstatic to get his Bass Ale on tap there. He even had a couple of Black & Tans. Again, if I remember correctly, it's $11 for a 20 oz. as opposed to $8.50 for a 16 oz. bottle.

                                    1. re: itryalot

                                      lobel's is on the field level concourse between third base and the left field foul pole. i highly recommend lobel's prime beef sandwich with tempanade and horse radish. $15 but the best value in the stadium.

                                      1. re: biga290

                                        Went twice last weekend, Lobels sandwich cant be beaten.

                                        I love their meats, but the store on Madison Ave is soooooooooo expensive.

                              2. re: ChowDiva

                                Thanks. The reason for so much Bud at all these stadiums is that Anheuser Busch practically gives it away to the teams to keep them "in play." The home team's profit margins are so good they don't refuse.

                                1. re: ChowDiva

                                  I have been a Yankee fan for over 40 years and I can't stand The Mets, but, alas, I have to agree with ChowDiva. "CitiField blows Yankee Stadium away" in so many ways it hurts. The food at Yankee Stadium is not bad; as a matter of fact, most stands are a marked improvement from what was at OYS (wth the exemption of the vendor dogs apparently). Next to Loebel's, I think the best is Brother Jimmy's BBQ, which has an excellent pulled pork sandwich. But compared to CitiField, Yankee Stadium is tough to get around, not accomodating to anyone buying food because as you pointed out, there is nowhere to eat your food near the concession stands (my friend and I stopped at a metal table to rest our food and were told by some fans that they PAID for that spot) and the rows are so long, by the time you navigate past 20 seated fans, your food is ice cold. Yes, The Stadium is a shrine for Yankee history, both past and present, and it is a beautiful structure with a beautiful field. The "greeters" are very friendly, however, the security staff reminds me of Nazi stormtroopers. The idea that they would even send vendors to sell pre-assembled, wrapped hotdogs, to fans paying a fortune for seats is inconsiderate.

                                  Also, as another person pointed out, the whole Studio 54 mentality, of class (or price) distinction, is off-putting. This is how I feel and I am a HUGE Yankee fan. I can't imagine how others feel going to this stadium.

                                  P.S. I think the garlic fries have plenty of garlic and the sauce is delicious. They need to fry the potatoes longer so they are crisper. right now the sauce turns them into a slushy mess.

                                  Yankee Stadium
                                  1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

                                2. the main problem with the food/beer situation is that there is simply no soul.

                                  the red hook ballfields have some decent ethnic food at a price point we can all afford. if i were on the yankee stadium management committee, i would insist they have representation in the (empty) canyons that comprise the upperdeck lonesome walks out to left field and right field.

                                  beer in the stadium is overpriced and crummy. international beers require a long wait on line and a hefty tab.

                                  bottom line? bring in the red hook vendors!

                                  1. For someone thinking of coming to a game, not too appealing. Can anyone suggest where on Arthur Ave we could buy some amazing sandwiches and some water and bring them in with us? Will try Lobel's, but the beer....not sure.I can't believe they'd let you bring food in.

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                                    1. re: itryalot

                                      mike's deli is on arthur avenue and they make amazing sandwiches. mike's has a stand inside the stadium but it's not same - good, but not the same.

                                      i've never tried to bring food into the stadium. best to check the website and see if there are any restrictions.

                                      1. re: steve h.

                                        You can bring food into the stadium in CLEAR plastic bags. No bottles though...

                                        1. re: steve h.

                                          I always bring in sandwiches and peanuts (the ones sold at the stadium aren't salted and I can't deal w/that). Also water in plastic bottles, but I don't believe you can bring in anything but water. Go Yanks!

                                          1. re: steve h.

                                            How far is Mike's from the Stadium? I'm coming up for the last Yanks/Sox series in September and I'm looking for a good sandwich place--I never knew you could bring food in and I'd rather do that than pay $25 for a sandwich and beer.

                                            1. re: MandalayVA

                                              four miles and change from arthur avenue to the stadium. too far to walk, take the bus.

                                            2. Add the kosher stand to the awful list. Besides the fact that the food was subpar(stay away from the pre packaged deli sandwiches) the worst part is they don't have a cash register so you can't pay with a credit card.

                                              1. I'm so glad that I'm a Mets fan because the food at Yankee Stadium is so overpriced. We got tickets through one of DH's business contacts and checked out a game a couple of months ago. We shared the steak sandwich from Lobel's. It's good but really messy. I wish they would have cut the sandwich in half as it would have made it much easier. I ended up deconstructing my part because it was too difficult to eat. And we did do the garlic fries. I'm surprised that you said the garlic is too weak because I thought it was way too strong. And I like garlic (I'll pull a Debbie Lee and just say it's because I'm Korean)! A few fries would have been okay, but I eat more than five fries a sitting. The fries were fried well, but I think the garlic needed to have been either sauteed before adding to the fries or just add less garlic.

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                                                1. re: Miss Needle

                                                  Easy, Mets fan. I support your team since they wear "New York." BUT your famous food (Shake Shack, BBQ) requires a LONG wait. The short waits (pizza, fries) are short for a reason. Love the new stadium, but the food situation is not ideal.

                                                  1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                                                    The Shake Shack does require a long wait, but Blue Smoke BBQ does not. It's actually one of the shortest lines -- was actually shorter than the line for the fries. The wait at the taco stand and the fish place aren't bad at all either. It's really only Shake Shack that screws people up.

                                                2. Any updates for 2010?

                                                  Going to the game on the 4th, sitting in CF, taking the BD to the park.

                                                  Not doing NYY Steak, don't have the time or the money, and we'll be doing some serious dining in Manhattan anyway. What do we *have* to get? This can include options on the street outside, too.

                                                  I've been told I must hit Lobel's in LF, but I'm getting mixed responses as to whether or not it's still there.


                                                  NYY Steak
                                                  1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

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                                                  1. re: L2k

                                                    I think Lobel's is still there. At least it was last month. Mike's is toast.
                                                    I'll be back in four weeks (Angels game) and will update then.

                                                    1. re: L2k

                                                      I was there Memorial Day weekend and Lobel's was up and running. I was thinking about it but the meat looked a little too well done for my taste. If you're in CF (Bleacher Creature!) there's a decent hot dog stand that serves 1/4 pound Hebrew National Franks and sausages. The buns suck though. As long as you have everything in a clear shopping bag you can bring in your own food--there's a McDonald's across the street and people were buying stuff there and putting it in the clear bag and security was fine with it. Note: this is not a recommendation for Mickey D's. :D

                                                      1. re: MandalayVA

                                                        I'm a fan of the nose-bleed seats along the first-base line: great access to the Heineken kiosk. I'm looking forward to trying Lobel's but I'll pass on it in a heartbeat if the meat doesn't look too good. Thanks for the tip.

                                                        1. re: steve h.

                                                          I like to sit in the right field bleachers and I noticed on the last trip they put a Beers of the World cart there. I hesitate to pay $11 for a beer, though.

                                                        2. re: MandalayVA

                                                          You don't need a clear bag anymore. Any bag will do, but they will look inside it when you enter. AND you can bring bottled water as long as it is sealed (another secret the Yankees would rather not get out).

                                                          1. re: richczarnecki

                                                            It's no secret about the water, it's in their A-Z guide and there's a load of vendors outside. Rather pay a dollar than $4.50!

                                                        3. re: L2k

                                                          When we had Lobel's, it was med/rare, juicy and delicious. I think we sold half a dozen to people who we shared the table with while the juice was dripping down our arms.

                                                          1. re: itryalot

                                                            I had Lobel's back at a game in May. It was delicious. I feel like the bun was too sweet, but the sandwich was huge and delicious. Paired up with a gigantic order of garlic fries and it was a bad day for calorie counting.

                                                            1. re: richg35

                                                              Went to the game on Sunday. Lobel's and the steak grill place both looked and smelled terrific, but I couldn't eat anything that heavy in the heat.

                                                              Garlic fries were good, though.

                                                        4. Deb and I shared the Lobel's steak sandwich today at the stadium. It exceeded expectations. $15 is mighty pricey but it easily feeds two so I'll be back.
                                                          I haven't tried the sausages at some of the neighboring kiosks but they smelled pretty good. We'll see.

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                                                          1. re: steve h.

                                                            We were at the game on July 21 also--and also shared the Lobel's steak sandwich and a garlic fries. The steak sandwich is delicious, however, last year they had fresh horseradish and/or tapenade to go with...this time just an ok commercial packaged horseradish sauce. I love the garlic fries (a "mere" $9 for a large!).

                                                            1. re: Marge

                                                              You are so right, Marge. The stand in LF offers a creamy horseradish sauce (prepackaged and purchased) instead of the fresh horseradish. AND, worst of all, no tapenade. These condiments really set the Lobels sandwich apart from anything else at the stadium. BRING BACK THE OLD CONDIMENTS.

                                                              And everyone should know that there is a SECOND Lobels stand, although it is called NYY Steak. Same level, RF, next to the garlic fries stand. I am told that this is the exact same sandwich. AND at this stand they actually have freshly grated horseradish (they do it in the concourse). AND this stand rarely has the monster line that the original Lobels cart has (although the original cart is right next to the great Beers of the World).

                                                              To the comment that the meat was too well done, I've always gotten nice pink slices, and I'm sure you can let them know that you want it on the rarer side.

                                                              NYY Steak
                                                              1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

                                                              1. re: richczarnecki

                                                                Well, now I am going to take some of my comments back:


                                                                As you will read, it now appears that the NYY Steak stand is NOT the same sandwich as the Lobels stand.

                                                                And now that I see this, it explains why my last sandwich (from NYY Steak stand and NOT Lobels) was on the stringy/sinewy side. A Lobels sandwich is as tender as can be. Apparently not so much with NYY Steak.

                                                                So here's your strategy:

                                                                Grab some of the fresh horseradish from the NYY Steak stand
                                                                Get your sandwich from the Lobels cart.
                                                                Combine, enjoy, Go Yanks.

                                                                NYY Steak
                                                                1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451