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May 1, 2009 10:57 PM

Yankee Stadium Food Review

Tried a number of the stands. The old rule still applies: if the stand is a name brand, it's likely to be good. If it's a generic stand "Fan Favorites" it's not very good.

The roving hot dog vendors. In the old stadium, the vendors carried around a metal steaming oven. He then assembled the hot dog as you ordered them. Now the hot dogs are pre-assembled and kept in the familiar cafeteria foil wrap. The oven has been replaced by an insulated carrying caes. The dogs are cold and terrible.

The sliders at the generic "Fan Favorite" stand (dry)
The garlic fries at the garlic fry stand (the garlic is too weak)

Carl's Cheesesteak (bit bland, long line)

>The Primo Italian Sausages (better than the old stadium, larger, grilled longer, more veggies)
>Johnny Rocket's Cheeseburger
>Johnny Rocket's chocolate shake
>Meatball "Parm" Hero at the Italian deli in the Food Court (BUT the "Parm" is a cheese on top..."it's baked in" they said)

Nothing's cheap, but some of it is worth it.

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  1. I'm a season ticket holder so I've done some sampling.

    I think the garlic fries are amaaaaazing. The garlic is serious I housed a large last night and thank god my boyfriend loves me because my breath was awful .

    The popcorn is the same... delicious.
    Hot dogs are the same
    The hot chocolate is a huge upgrade, it was awful before. Now its like swiss miss level which is all I ask for at a ball park.
    I miss dipping dots. I hate soft serve and turkey hill is shitty. I hope carvel brings in their version of dots, molecools I think.
    I've had the real Carls and the Carls at the stadium is a piss poor version.

    I love going to the Arthur ave market for my meat so I spoke to the Arthur ave guys the day they went to their meeting. The reason why they are not doing cold cuts is because the stadium told them it had to be Boars Head (some contract) but they weren't gonna sell out.

    Baked in parm? That's fucking disgraceful.

    1. The Lobel's prime beef sandwich is excellent. the stand is located along the left field line field level concourse. prime beef is carved right in front of you and your sandwich is assembled to order. no steam table. the beef is served medium (pink) ladled with au jus on a very tasty brioche-type bun that holds up to the au jus very nicely. price is a bit steep at $15. however compared to $19 parking, $10 program, $12 carl's steak and/or boars head sandwiches, $9 beers, and $6 sodas, it is IMHO a relative value.

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      1. re: biga290

        Went out there Friday night. What annoyed me was that a lot of the so-called "gourmet" dishes detailed in recent NYT articles are only available in the white table cloth restaurants restricted to those who pay obscene ticket prices and club entry fees. I don't think baseball fans should have to deal with the old Studio 54 mindset as far as eating goes, but apparently the Yankees disagree. Regarding the food and beer prices for us "poor folks", I'd rather take my $$$ out to Queens and spend it at one of the hundreds of terrific family-run ethnic restaurants. Not only will that $$$ go 4x further, but I won't be supporting corporate rip-offs.

        1. re: bruce3404

          the lobel's prime beef sandwich is open to all. I ate it in the bleachers.

        2. re: biga290

          I agree, the Lobel's sandwich was very good. I liked that they also provided fresh horseradish and an olive tampenade. The line wasn't too bad either, less then 10 minutes when I went. The price was a bit high but you have to pay for quality so that's not a big issue for me.

          The rest of the food I had at the stadium was just ok.

        3. Been to two games so far this year..

          Agree about the vendor hot dogs - they were atrocious.
          Disagree about the garlic fries, mine had plenty of garlic and were hot and crispy.

          Will try the "new" Premio sausages next time, I was not crazy about the ones at the old Stadium.

          It is also hard to find different beers. It seems that a large section of the stadium is served by Bud, a separate large section is served by Lite, etc... It'll take me a few more games to figure all of that out.

          At these prices, guess I'll do more eating and drinking before I arrive.

          1. Had the Johnny Rocket single burger last night- it was pure crap. The burger was dry as hell, there was some weak slices of tomato and the cheese wasn't even melted on the burger. What the hell is that for $9???

            The hot chocolate was excellent, on a side note.

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            1. re: razorramon

              I hate that they decided to go with a chain like Johnny Rockets instead of a NY burger place.

            2. GREAT burger at the Jim Beam / Delta Suite on the terrace level (upper deck) behind home plate. It was a "grass fed angus burger" for $11. A whopper would have been a major upgrade compared to the old ballpark food. This was a real burger, served medium rare. Lots of flavor the correct amount of burger grease, the tomato was red (truly a shock). Came with real, not canned, cole slaw and a small fried pickle on the tooth pick that held it together.

              They asked to see that our ticket was between 317 and 323 which are the upper deck seats with nice cushions behind home plate. We were in 325 and it wasnt busy so he let us in which he was doing for alot of people. They were $65 face value seats (tampa game), the same price as other seats outside the club access section, tho it didnt affect us.

              Also on the menu was a hot dog on a pretzel bun, an asian noodle salad, Becks or Stella on tap, they had a full bar with top shelf liquor, very slick looking inside plenty of TVs and brushed aluminum high tops. There were some other food options there but I cant remember.

              As I said, it was a very good burger, pink in the middle with a charred beefy flavor; definitely some sirloin in there.