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May 1, 2009 09:11 PM

Ceylonese Home Cooking

This evening I was watching Anthony Bourdain, "No Reservations," on his trip to Sri Lanka. This was possibly the most inspiring segment ever, and I am obsessed with finding some authentic recipes for all of the dishes he ate there. The internet is mind-boggling, however, and many of the sites I have found use "curry powder," which immediately turns me off. I want absolutely from scratch, absolutely authentic recipes to create a feast, even if it takes me three days to prepare. My search on Chowhound gave me some clues, but is there anyone out there who can direct me to the perfect book or site so I can stop reading and start cooking? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Charmaine Solomon's "Complete Asian Cookbook" has a pretty decent section on Sri Lanka. She was born and raised in Sri Lanka. The recipes are concise(they aren't the step-by-step style of recipe writing) but there's a good introductory portion to that section which describes the basics of Sri Lankan cooking technique. About 90 or so Sri Lankan recipes.