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May 1, 2009 08:25 PM

A place to sit near Leo's Latticini/Mama's and Timmy O's?

Say you were on foot in Corona and wanted to get a sandwich at Leo's Latticini/Mama's, then walk down to Timmy O's for dessert. Where would you sit to eat the sandwich?

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  1. I would go two doors down to Mama's bakery and eat there, they have plenty of room. Of course it will be hard to resisit a pre dessert ,dessert.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      So that's a possibility? Great. Could always get canolis to go...

      1. re: grisaille

        Yup, plenty of tables and they couldn't be nicer about it. Perhaps a palate cleanser from Lemon Ice King is in order. The cannoli are pre filled and actually, I have never found anything outstanding in the dessert case. Maybe some other hounds can suggest a specific dessert from there.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Leo's/Mama's closes around noon on Sundays, yes?

          But there's always Tortilleria Nixtamal.

    2. If it's a nice day there is a bench in front of Timmy-O's.
      We went yesterday and the special was chocolate chip. He told us that the day before he had made up a batch of orange pineapple that went over nicely.
      Delicious frozen custard.
      Has anyone tried the other food items offered?

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      1. re: johnk

        on the church steps, a half block before you get to timmy-o's, on the left.

      2. You can go to the park at 42nd ave.

        and the people at mama's will tell you go to go the bakery to sit. You can even sit outdoors in their backyard.

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        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          Wow, I didn't know they had a backyard with tables, thanks for the info.