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May 1, 2009 07:09 PM

clarion clipper

does anyone remember the old clarion clipper?

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  1. Barely, it has been at least 29 years ago... (good heavens...)!

    It was a great treat to have my parents visit this poor college student in the late 70's and take her (and a lucky friend) to lunch or dinner there. I cannot remember what the food was like, but compared to the dining hall or our apartment cuisine, it had to be a step or two up. :)

    1. Yes I do! Maybe I'm getting old! They had a great salad bar back in the day, and a nice marinated steak. I heard the owner just got tired of being tied to a restaurant and retired early. I think I remember rumor of a "reunion" party of former employees. last year or so. The building is now the office of Anderson Physical Therapy, but before becoming the Clipper was a furniture store.

      1. I remember it well. I always stopped there on my trips from ny to the midwest. food was decent -- best in the area -- with a real nice salad bar. sadly when I went back a few years ago and it was a medical building.