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May 1, 2009 05:00 PM

nice place in Sunnyside

My wife and I are getting a rare night out for dinner in Sunnyside (leaving the baby with the grandparents). We would rather not take a subway and are looking for a nice place to relax, eat pretty good food and have some cocktails and/or wine- really just unwind a bit. We could always do Quaint or Bliss, but those seem a bit boring. Does anyone have any suggestions? What do people think of Dazie's on QB?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Dazies is a decent "red sauce" joint. Its been run by the same family for years. A nice place for a romantic dinner, though a tad pricey for the neighborhood. The specials are very good. Nice small bar up front where you can have an aperitif.

    1. Have you tried Claret, the wine bar on 46th and Skillman? They have small plates that are pretty good. The beet salad and mac n cheese were good. They have wine and beer.

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        My wife and I went to Claret for the first time on Saturday for brunch. We each had a croque monsieur and split the black truffle and gruyere mac and cheese and I had a couple of pints of Blue Point. The food was good, the service was perfect. Overall, very pleased. Will definitely be going back.

      2. You can try Sapori D'Ischia....while not Sunnyside. It is Woodside, on 39th Ave and I think 56th Street. If you search it here, you will find some info. I think it is a nice local spot for a good dinner and a fine atmosphere for getting a night out with a babysitter at home! And while La Flor has seemed to drop out of popularity on this board, I still love it. It is a quaint room, with food that I always enjoy, occasionally the service lacks a bit, but I always enjoy the guitar player/singer on weekends. He always makes me smile, adding a sweet touch to a night out.

        1. la flor is walking distance from sunnyside. great food. atmosphere isn't the best, but not bad. especially once they put that bread basket on your table!
          de mole expanded, so you can have a great meal, a bottle of wine and take your time without people hovering, waiting for your table.

          1. Dazies is great for a special night out. Plush, like a good Manhattan restaurant but still less costly. Great appetizers and desserts. I like their steak, comparable to Peter Luger's. Although I usually like to order something I can't make at home, I order the steak because only a restaurant broiler has that kind of heat to char and yet keep the meat tender. The desserts are wonderfully sinful. It has been awhile, but they had a piano player/singer. Nice mellow songs for unhurried dining.