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May 1, 2009 03:46 PM

Somewhere new/good around Arclight for tonight?

Have done the regulars -- Hungry Cat, Bowery, Magnolia, Charcoal (if that's even there anymore), Zenzoo (sp?), Fabiolous (a millio years ago), the Arclight restaurant -- but seems like there have been a lot of changes in the 'hood recently. Anything new, good within walking distance? That two people could get into tonight for an early pre-movie dinner without reservations.

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  1. There's Los Balcones del Peru, across the stree southeast of the parking structure.

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    1. actually charcoal is gone. It is now Boho, and a gastropub. Haven't been but might be worth checking out.

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        Went to Boho twice last week and recommend it highly! I'm always looking for places to go around the theater, and was very pleased to discover this place and to find out they are now (as of last week) open for lunch and throughout the day. The chef is the chef/owner of Max in Sherman Oaks, which I think is a wonderful restaurant. On my second visit to Boho on Wednesday, he came out to speak with us and visisted for quite a while. Said he really wanted to make pizzas, and that is one of their specialties there. Tried was excellent. 25 beers on tap. Very good pub food. I've had the oyster sliders--excellent. And very nice french fries. Servers were well-versed in the beer selections and very pleasant. I hear the wine list is nice as well, just haven't moved past the beers. The movie afternoons just got a lot more pleasant!

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          Agreed! Big thumbs up on Boho. Better hurry though, it's getting really popular (crowded) and I've had to wait 45 minutes for a table on two occasions. It's great.

      2. I had a decent meal at Ivan Kane's Cafe Was. Service was top notch, the mixed drink menu was delicious (pricey, but worth it.) Not a cheap place to go, but they usually offer a prix fixe that's a nice deal. Good options between the tiny starters, up through apps and salads, and larger, meatier entrees.

        1. Boho is good and something new in this area. Im glad we're getting more gastopubs. My favorite is Gjelina

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. Tried BoHo -- food solid -- didn't order pizza but they looked really tasty. A bit of a theme-park interpretation of bohemia -- but can live with it. Looking forward to trying the pizzas another time. Curious to try Cafe Wa s. Also Los Balcones --- which I keep hearing about but never get there.

            Was at one time a detractor of Hungry Cat -- but have come around and it my current favorite in the neighborhood-- despite their occasional heavy handed and not always apropos use of cumin.