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May 1, 2009 03:37 PM

White Castle type burgers in LA?

I'm getting married soon and one of my best friends won't but me anything unless he deems it cool. He was going to get me the Ron Popeil Set It n Forget It rotesserie grill but I asked him not to because that would not get much use. He mentioned that he saw a hamburger steaming tray contraption on Willams n Sonoma or some other home/kitchen website. I'm originally from NY and grew up eating steamed $0.49 cheeseburgers by the half dozen. Are there any places in LA that have steamed hamburgers similar to White Castle? Most people who haven't had a White Castle think steam burgers are grotesque and I can see their point of view but I love me a 6 pack.

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  1. you will be very happy with apple pan

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      I've eaten at the Apple Pan and while the burgers are good they don't really fit the criteria. I'm looking specifically for burgers that are steamed. There is a very distinct flavor that cannot be replicated - I love burgers from Father's Office, 25 Degrees, Umami, In N Out, etc... but I've had a hankering for steamed burgers lately.

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        i can only dream. one of my many addictions

    2. Only seen White castle steamed at Ralph's--buy them. Otherwise you are out of luck.

      1. i've had them and still think they grotesque monstrosities. however, they are good when one is extremely inebriated...then again, so is a leather shoe.

        that being said...maybe the mini sirloin burgers are jack in the box?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Costco has frozenj burgers that you throw in the micro wave and they come out kind of steamed. I tried their cheesburgers and they were not half bad. They go from craving to plate in about one minute and you cant beat that.