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White Castle type burgers in LA?

I'm getting married soon and one of my best friends won't but me anything unless he deems it cool. He was going to get me the Ron Popeil Set It n Forget It rotesserie grill but I asked him not to because that would not get much use. He mentioned that he saw a hamburger steaming tray contraption on Willams n Sonoma or some other home/kitchen website. I'm originally from NY and grew up eating steamed $0.49 cheeseburgers by the half dozen. Are there any places in LA that have steamed hamburgers similar to White Castle? Most people who haven't had a White Castle think steam burgers are grotesque and I can see their point of view but I love me a 6 pack.

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  1. you will be very happy with apple pan

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      I've eaten at the Apple Pan and while the burgers are good they don't really fit the criteria. I'm looking specifically for burgers that are steamed. There is a very distinct flavor that cannot be replicated - I love burgers from Father's Office, 25 Degrees, Umami, In N Out, etc... but I've had a hankering for steamed burgers lately.

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        i can only dream. one of my many addictions

    2. Only seen White castle steamed at Ralph's--buy them. Otherwise you are out of luck.

      1. i've had them and still think they grotesque monstrosities. however, they are good when one is extremely inebriated...then again, so is a leather shoe.

        that being said...maybe the mini sirloin burgers are jack in the box?

        1. Costco has frozenj burgers that you throw in the micro wave and they come out kind of steamed. I tried their cheesburgers and they were not half bad. They go from craving to plate in about one minute and you cant beat that.

          1. Come to think of it, I used to buy White Caslte burgers in the frozen foods department, Little square things not much larger than a postage stamp. Maybe they are still around. Like you, I am from the east coast of Jersey and I remember those little all white and black places that sold White Castles. Good coffee too. But I afraid that's history. I went to a White Castle in Nashville and it just wasn't the same. Best of luck on your wedding.

            1. i dont think you can find a white castle equivalent or close- to here in la....your best bet is to buy the frozen white castles in a box.....i saw them in either ralph's or pavilions.....it's the steaming and the onions that makes it what it is.....i like it very much....but nutritionally not much....i can remember when it was even less than 49 cents but i'm not telling how much cheaper!

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                How about a nickel. For now though you can get a pretty good discount at Smart and Final. I was just back in Hammond, Indiana two years agao and although I agree the frozen do not compare with the fresh made there is at least a hint of it and better than going without. By the way the previously mentioned leather shoe even if inebriated you should braise it in red wine for three or four hours.

              2. The have frozen White Castle hamburgers at Wal Mart.

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                  Frozen White Castles are also usually available at Smart N Final stores.

                2. I was looking at those new Jack in the Box "mini sirloin burgers" - they Remind me of these white castle burgers but; I haven't tried one to compare. I know they used to, or still sell the Frozen kind in the stores that you can buy and warm up.... does this help??

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                    i remember them 12 cents and no such thing as cheeseburger also they had donuts and danish super cheap

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                      you win.....i only remember them when they were 18 cents......they still taste the same now as they did then

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                      Unfortunately, the mini sirloin burgers from Jack in the Box taste like regular hamburgers....
                      : (

                    3. The White Castle Web site says you can buy them frozen in Southern California at:

                      Bristol Farms
                      El Rancho
                      Food 4 Less
                      How's Markets
                      Pacific Ranch Markets
                      Sam's Club
                      Smart & Final
                      Star Markets
                      Stater Brothers
                      Superior Markets
                      Vons Pavilions

                      Also, lots of details in the Wikipedia entry (and many weird recipes for WC burgers on the Web).

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                        I've found that the frozen ones are not too bad if you (1) use a second patty from another burger so that you have a double and (2) loosely wrap the burger in a moist paper towel and then microwave - the towel steams the burger.

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                          I've tried the frozen White Castles and while they are not bad they tend to get soggy and have an interesting after taste. I'll just have to wait until I get back to the east coast to get my fix. We usually get a 20 pack from WC, a sicilian pie from VI Pizza and chicken rolls from Fresh Meadows. It's the most gluttunous meal ever but well worth every calorie.

                          I wonder how a White Castle type burger place would do in the crowded SoCal burger market?

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                            IMO, WC is not about steam. It is about the Holy trinity / trilogy of greese, salt and onion. Just ask McD to add extra onion and salt and wipe the griddle with the bun.

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                              And people say Tito's is crap! lol