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Jul 19, 2004 06:45 PM

Best Persian (central/west L.A.)

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My friends and I love Persian food, so I'm planning a big dinner (probably 10-12 people), and would like to find the best possible restaurant (which will hopefully also be a reasonable value). The only place I've been to in L.A. is Darya on Santa Monica (which I liked). Does anyone have suggestions for great Persian food at a restaurant that can accomodate a decent-sized group, at a reasonable price (I don't expect cheap, but don't want to spend a fortune)? Thanks.

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  1. Oh, and as you may have noticed in the subject line, as many of my friends are dyed-in-the-wool westsiders (sad, but true), I'd prefer someplace westside-ish, or at least nearer areas of the valley. Thanks.

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      From where I have been and what my Persian friends tell me, the best 3 are

      Darya (you've been to, on SM Blvd)
      Javan (also on SM Blvd)
      Sherahazade (on Westwood South of Wilshire)

      Also there is Shamshiri Grill which is a bit more updated in terms of decor (the three above were basically designed in the 80's and not much has changed) but I haven't eaten there so I don't know if the food is as good as the other 3, but I have been told it is, for the basics at least. It's also on Westwood s/o Wilshire.

      1. re: Ted S.

        Shamshiri makes great chicken and beef barg, koobideh, etc.

        1. re: Ernie

          I second on Shamshiri.

          1. re: dcchow

            From a persian's point of view its a toss up between Javan and Shamshiri. forget about all the other suggestions. They are all good, don't get me wrong, but you asked for the best.

            Javan has the best meat overall, extremely tender filet's that melt in your mouth. The portions are a bit smaller and prices a bit higher.

            Shamshiri grill has excellent food, portions are huge and the menu options are more non-persian friendly.
            Also shamshiri's stews (khoreshts) are all vegetarian and meat added upon request. So it is vegetarian friendly too.

            I dont check this board often, if you have other questions feel free to email me.

            1. re: babydoc

              If you enjoy Tah Dig, the crispy rice dish with various stews served over it, Darya is the best by far. The Iced Cream and Falloudeh are excellent. I guess if meat is the focus, I am not of much help. My favorite meat dish there is the Lamb Shank with the rice with Lentils, Dates and Currants. Is Javan better on these dishes too?

              1. re: babydoc

                It's all about Javan. Kebabs you can find anywhere; decent polos are pretty common, but the quality of Javan's ashts and koreshts seems to be an entirely different level from other local Persian restaurants. I especially like the celery stew called something like karafs, but the tart, only mildly sweet fesenjan is probably the best in town too.

          2. re: Ted S.

            I recommend Shamshiri over Darya and Javan. Darya would be second. At Shamshiri the ground beef and chicken is very moist and flavorful. The grilled fish is also pretty good. Stay away from the turkish coffee and baklava.Oh I miss this place.

        2. Try Sheharzade on Westwood Blvd. N of Ohio.

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            Lee by the Sea

            Javan is the best Persian in L.A. It's a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Darya is a 4, so you will **really** be in for a treat. A party of 10-12 is not uncommon there; they put up a partition at one end of their two wings and it is all yours. (10-12 is a Persian family plus 2 or 3, it seems to this non-Persian who loves the cuisine.)
            You will be served well and there is not an item on the menu with which you will be unhappy. Be sure to order a Tahdig (with guymeh is best). Hint: break it up with a fork.

            1. Javan will be the most festive - and it's the "nicest' in terms of ambience.

              I'm not crazy about Shamshiri.

              I happen to like Shahrzad (1400 block of westwood). first, I love the bread right out of the tanndur. Ask for onions or shallots to put on the bread with the butter.
              At Shahrzad - I love the kashk-e bademjan, roasted eggplants mixed with kashk (a type of iranian quark, a yogurt cheesy thing). The polos are the strong suit vs the straight kebab. I'd say for every four people, two different polos (estamboli polo, albaloo polo, etc) maybe a fesenjan, a shirazi salad, a kashk-e bademjan, and then one more thing.

              they have a homemade dugh as well as carbonated.

              But Javan is more suited to a banquet style evening.