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May 1, 2009 03:06 PM

Fuzion Wine in Calgary

Does anyone know who stockst Fuzion wine, its a Malbec Shiraz blend in Calgary??

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  1. Crowfoot liquor in the NW does. We just had an event at the bowness legion and they brought it in for us.

    1. It might be found in a store closer to you - potentially available in 83 locations in Calgary.
      Calgary Co-op; Crowfoot Liquor; Olympia Liquor; Real Canadian Liquor Store; Sobeys amongst the big chains.

      Click on "Find It" in the rightmost column.

      1. I was at Willow Park last weekend and they were all out. Superstore Liquor Store had some at the Sunridge Store and Deerfoot. It is also cheaper there (8.99 compared to 9.99 at Willow Park). Since the Globe and Mail article last week it has been so much harder to find!

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          beppi did an article on this stuff about a year ago, when it was only available at LCBO (Ontario) and it sold out fast - I was in Toronto about 4 days after the article and there was none left in the city. Is it really that good?

        2. Highlander...

          I can't even read the word "Malbec" without getting a migraine- can't drink most reds and Argentina is the worst, sadly :-(