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May 1, 2009 02:46 PM

First time to Savannah

Hey all. My wife and I are visiting savannah for the first time right after Mother's day. We've go some choices already set (Mrs. Wilkes, Jazz'd, and Vic's on the river) but are looking for one romantic dinner in the historic district. We've seen recommendations for Noble fare, Olde Pink House, and Sapphire Grill as some of the best. If you could pick only one, which one and why? Also, if Noble Fare is the one, anyone know where there is a menu online? Website doesn't link to it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We recently ate at Garibaldi's and thought it was excellent. It makes a nice romantic dinner spot. I haven't been to Vic's or Olde Pink House, but I've read some mixed reviews on here.