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May 1, 2009 01:56 PM

Michelle's (or is it Michell's?) Pancake Inc. Opens Up Behind Luscious Dumplings

The very nice sign above the shop says Michell's Pancake Inc., but based on the menus and logic, i daresay that it's Michelle's Pancake Inc. that has just opened up this week at Las Tunas and Mission serving primarily dumplings, buns and "panacakes." This is a very interesting place. There is probably really a Michelle as the entire staff both out front and in the kitchen appears to be female, as were most of the customers. Also, very little English spoken here and most of the items on the menu are currently unavailable. So even after having eaten here I still don't know for sure what the "pancake" that they're featuring really is. I had an order of the leek/egg/bean thread pancakes. It looks like an oversized, flat dumpling, browned like a fried dumpling but hardly oily at all. Looks like what is sometimes referred to as a chive box, if filled with chives. The filling was identical to the chive pockets you can buy at all of the Chinese grocery stores (i.e., the stuffed large yu bing green onion pancakes), but as indicated the size and shape were completely different. The menu has a half dozen other types of "panacakes," none available today, including beef with onion and carrot, loofah and pork, radish and bean thread, and smoked pork. I'll have to wait and see whether these other pancakes also have the big, flat dumpling look. Obviously they're having grand opening glitches, and indeed they couldn't figure out how to open the cash register while I was there. Good thing I had exact change.

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  1. nice! thanks for the update. been wanting to check this place out once it opened

    1. Just tried it today. We had the smoked pork pancake -- the pork was bland and very dry. They serve it with sliced leeks I believe, and you're supposed to eat it with the pancake folded up like as if you're having peking duck, with a dark brown sauce that kinda looks like hoisin but I don't think it was. The pancake itself is like green onion pancakes or scallion pancakes that you find in other places; it was pretty good, we just won't get this smoked pork again.

      We also tried the cabbage and pork dumplings which tasted fine.

      The word 'panacake' is probably a typo cuz there are a billion hilarious typos all over the menu.

      They offer a free appetizer if you order 3 or more items. Don't know if this is a temporary deal for now.

      They have a small menu but we'd like to go back to try the other things.