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May 1, 2009 01:38 PM

Tart Dough Cooked Butter Method, has anyone tried this?

David Lebovitz posted this on twitter and when i read it I was pretty much astounded.
Really curious to know if anyone has already tried it using All Purpose flour and results.

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  1. I haven't tried it, but the recipe looks like a variation on the choux pastry (ie, you don't add an egg at the end), so I don't see why it wouldn't work with AP flour. Don't see why this is easier than just making a pate sucree (if you were going for a sweet crust), though.

    1. There's a Batali tart - Sicilian I think - where you melt the butter. It's very good. I use it for both sweet and savory tarts, adjusting sugar (or not, depending on circumstances)
      Hugely easy, like DL's pal appears to be making. The Batali thing is less "wet" looking in the mixing bowl.

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        So is Alice Medrich's melted butter crust....that is, less wet looking.

        I'd love to see opinions by those who've tried it.

      2. I've used this recipe a dozen times or more, with excellent results. It works well as a base for pastry creams as well as fruit tarts. I also used it as the crust for the Tartine Apple Nougatine Tart, which returns to the oven to bake, and it was terrific.

        When I first put the bowl in the oven to melt the butter into the water, etc., I like to leave it in long enough to give the finished crust a nutty, brown-butter flavor.

        I haven't yet tried this for a savory tart, but when I do, I'll just omit the sugar.