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Red Lobster ? - moved from Boston board

What is the closest Red Lobster to south central MA ?? I don't think there even is one in MA is there ?

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    1. Dear, dear Jimbosox!! What serious Chowhound would want Red Lobster when one can get real, decent lobster and seafood... (understand, I'm not trying to flame you - just trying to bring a fellow Chowhound to his senses ;-)

      When I lived in Tucson I ate there out of desperation (I craved seafood SO much). Plus, those ads got to me.

      Horrible, horrible stuff. Teeny, tasteless shrimp, typical chain food. (We did, however, drive all the way to Phoenix from Tucson for some fried clams - that place wasn't a chain, and it was worth it!).

      As I remember, the only thing worth the trip to RL were the rolls they served..

      There are so many great seafood restaurants around... I'm not in the south central Mass area, but I'm sure others can suggest - hey, and there is that all-you-can-eat lobster buffet. I think it's in Connecticut.

      My mantra is ANYWHERE but Red Lobster!

      1. ok the reason I was asking was because I was given $100 gift card for x-mas and I dont know what else to do but use it, I heard I can also use it at Olive Garden but I dont know if that is true or not.

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          You're forgiven!
          Good luck.

          Can you regift?

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            Sell it on Ebay! Very easy to do and you can almost always get 90%+ of the value for a gift card.

            Then you can take the $90+ and head to the Lobster Pool for a great meal.

            1. There aren't any in MA. There are 2 in Ct with the closest being in Wethersfield. It's 103 miles from Boston.

              1. Yeah all in all it really doesnt add up to being a good time for me. I am not that much into seafood either. I would love to swap it out for maybe one to Longhorn's or Outback. When it comes to seafood if I want lobsters or steamers, any of that I just head to Galilee and buy them right off of the fishing boats, seems to make more sense for a Native New Englander.

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                  Perhaps there is a way to donate it (mail) to a local charity or organization you support that happens to be near a Red Lobster. Teachers? Community workers? Boys/girls club? Someone that will enjoy it more than you.

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                    You can use your Red Lobster GC at Longhorn's, they now have the same parent company and the gift cards can be used there. I used a Red Lobster GC that was two years old at my local Longhorn's a few weeks ago.

                  2. Why do they move my post from the local Boston board to here when the specifics of the question was to find out about my area ... thanks CH Staff

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                      Red Lobster parent, Darden, owns Olive Garden as well as Longhorn. You might try Longhorn.