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May 1, 2009 01:20 PM

On the road to Venice?

Hi - We want to take a drive from NO down to Venice late May. Is there any food down there or along the way?

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  1. I haven't been down all the way to venice in about a year or so. But even before Katrina there wasn't much down that way. There was a Subway and one little greasy spoon we'd eat at after fishing trips. It wasn't anything to write home about, and I don't know if either of them have reopened. The plantation cooks up some good food, but I think it might just be for people staying down there. I'd stop at Pupuseria La Divina Corazon. It's right on 23 on the right hand side in Belle Chasse. It's a pretty drive though...enjoy.

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      Sounds great! What would you recommend at the Pupuseria? I don't think I've ever had Salvadoran food. Thanks!

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        Get pupusas, sweet plantains, fried yucca, chan tea, and whatever else looks good. Definitely chan tea. They don't have the best pupusas in town, but they're just fine.

        I'm going down that way next tuesday if the weather holds out. If I spot anything interesting that hasn't been mentioned, I'll report back.

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          there is some soup/stew that everyone gets, think it's a weekly special, can't remember what day though. the sangria is pretty tasty.
          I always leaved stuffed and want to take a big dog nap after, so you might want to ease up on the ordering of the starches or wait and hit it after your day trip.

    2. Drive alllllllll the way down to the end and find the marina where the charter fishing boats come in. There's a little restaurant/bar with some of the best fried shrimp I've ever had. You can sit there, eat and watch people weigh their catches.

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        Oh, we are definitely going alllllll the way down, until our tires get wet! It's a spot I've always wanted to see. And if there's awesome fried shrimp involved? I'm so there. Thank you all! Can't wait!

      2. Woodland Plantation
        I've stayed and eaten here many times. The food has always been outstanding.

        Also stop at Johnny Becnel's for produce, especially creole tomatoes.

        1. Cajun Kitchen in port sulphur has real good burgers, poboys and milk shakes

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            That's the one I was trying to think of.

          2. I went fishing yesterday down toward Venice. There's not much down that way. The cajun kitchen is there. It's run out of a travel trailer now. I asked my guide and fellow foodie about dining at the plantation, and he told me you can't just go in and eat. You have to be staying there. Becnel's was open, but I'm not sure what, if any, hot food they sell. From the road, it looked to be mostly veggies and such. So, sorry to report there ain't much south of Belle Chasse. Eat where you can. My buddy did say there was supposed to be a new place open in Empire, but he didn't have a name, nor had he been there. Good luck. It'll be a nice ride whether or not you find anything good to eat.

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              Hey - thanks so much! We'll probably look for that fried shrimp and then hit the Pupuseria on the way back. Counting the days until I hit Nola...

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                  The big one on the left heading South, somewhere below Alliance. The one that's got veggie stands out front but also has a big warehouse attached to it. I've never stopped at it before so I can only describe it from the outside.