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May 1, 2009 01:08 PM

Recipes from "Yankee Kitchen" Gus Saunders Boston radio show?

I'm originally from the Boston area and used to listen to the "Yankee Kitchen" radio show hosted by Gus Saunders. I had painstakingly written down dozens of the listeners called-in recipes but have somehow lost them in my moves around the country.

I'm hoping someone has some of the booklets (or wrote down recipes when Gus was on the air) and would be willing to post a link or email them directly to me. I'd really appreciate having as many as possible as most of what I heard were great recipes!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hello, Kodozzz: I had been online searching for uses for these recipes-ie. I had already emailed WROL offering thse in the hope they would publish a cookbok. They did not reply. My sisters and I have our Mother's collection of these recipes and although it will take some time to copy them all, I will gladly email them to you. Not sure how to go about this as I am new to posting on a is ok for me to ask you for your email address?

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      I used to listen to Yankee Kitchen when my kids were small, and some of my favorite recipes came from there. I have Eva's Happy Day Cake that I make for most birthdays and other times for cake. Do you want that recipe? I would love to have some of the cookbooks he published. Do you know anything about them?

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        I would love that recipe. I don't know how one would go about getting the cookbooks-I would gladly share the recipes I have via email-let me know if you want to be on that "list". You can post your reply or email me at

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        While you're at it, many of us would be thrilled if you post them on this board. As long as you change the wording a little bit, so it's not a "carbon copy" of a printed original, it's permissible to post them. In this case, where it sounds like your "originals" were written down from the broadcasts, that shouldn't be an issue to begin with. You might want to cross-post a link to them on the Boston area board, too. TIA!

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          Please post your email address or email me at and I will send recipes as time permits.

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            Hi leslieom, thanks for being so gracious and helping with those recipes; really appreciate it. My e-mail address is Thanks much.

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          I'd love to email with you to get the recipes. Thanks so much for that offer. Please email me at: and I'll also send you the ones I have. It was a wonderful show and I am certain your Mom enjoyed listening. It took forever for some of the ladies to give the recipe and even longer for Gus to repeat everything (he was clearly writing the recipes down long hand!) but it was a great show, nonetheless. And I have some utterly superb recipes in my repertoire because of his show. I look forward to hearing from you. And thanks again.

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            I am another fan of both Yankee Kitchen and Boston Kitchen, if you have uploaded any of them
            would you be kind enough to share. My email is, and I have been
            searching used bookstores everywhere for these little cookbooks.

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              Sadly, that was leslieom's first and only Chowhound post and there is no contact info on the profile.

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                I have your email on "my list" and am waiting to hear from two others-I will then begin sending recipes as time permits. Feel free to contact me any time at

            2. Ah, Gus Saunders. My aunt was a frequent contributor on the show and a friend of Gus', but unfortunately I don't have any recipes or books. I also remember my mother breathlessly waiting for him to repeat the ingredients to a recipe so she could copy it down. He always paused to give people time to get the whole recipe. I met him a couple of times when I was a kid. What a gently, lovely soul. Thanks for the memories!

              Oops! Edited to post this link.


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                What great memories-I could juts tell by Gus's voice that he was a lovely soul.

              2. I too was a fan of "Yankee Kitchen" and would love to have those recipes. I especially am interested in an unusual, but fantastic apple cake recipe. There was a buttery dough, halved apples and a sort of custard poured over the apples. I have part of the recipe, but lost one of the small pages that I wrote it on. If anyone has this recipe I would be estatic.

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                  I cannot locate the apple cake recipe but have my sisters searching their files, too. My email address is send me yours or post it and I will email you other recipes. It's just easier for me to do that than to post on the board. I love this connection as I miss my "Ma" so much and I feel she lives on in her notebooks.

                2. Hi Kodozzz and all other Yankee Kitchen fans. I've created a blog as a way to connect with food lovers, recipe swap fans, and of course, former Yankee Kitchen listeners who loved the long-running radio program as much as I did. Please take a look at and let's start connecting! Contact me at Looking forward to helping out you and others with the lost recipes.