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May 1, 2009 12:49 PM

Dinner tonight near Hopewell, VA

We are headed northbound in I-95 and we will be spending the night in Hopewell. I have seen K + L barbeque and Dockside mentioned by one or two people on this board. Any consensus or other suggestions? We are open to anything except a chain...unless there really are no better options.

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  1. I have relatives in Hopewell and I can say that it's pretty dire- chain restaurant hell. K&L is by far the best option, but they close early- between 7-8pm if I'm not mistaken. They're also not open on the weekend, so you won't be able to catch them tomorrow. The only thing I can think of that's decent and non chain which is open relatively late is Rosa's, which does Italian. I like it quite a bit, but with the major caveat that I am from the South and not very well versed on Italian-American food.

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      Thanks for the response Naco. My first inclination was to respect your "Southerners don't know Italian food" caveat since I, a Yankee, lived in the south for quite a few years. But then we got to the hotel and realized that Rosa's was a quick walk across a few parking lots from where we are staying. So Rosa's won. We had antipasto and pizza. All I can say is come on up to Philly to see what you are missing. But seriously, the service was wonderful and everyone was very friendly. The price was good and the Killians was cold. Thanks so much for your response. I really do appreciate it.