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May 1, 2009 12:24 PM

Bake Sale Help!

I play in a community jazz band, and next weekend (the 9th) is our annual pancake breakfast and bake sale. I need to bring a couple things to the bake sale, and I'd like to do something beyond the typical chocolate chip cookie/boxed muffins/etc.

I'm a pretty good cook generally, and I can bake pretty well with a recipe, but I don't have a lot of fancy equipment or the budget for a lot of fancy ingredients. I would be making whatever I make on a weeknight evening, so I probably won't have more than 3 hours from start to finish to do a recipe. I'll probably make two things, do one on Thursday night and the other on Friday.

It would be nice, by the way, if said baked goods were also nifty enough to impress the very cute flute player who sits two chairs down...

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  1. Here is a totally easy recipe that is both a crowd pleaser and a total surprise: inarizushi

    Those are the little sushi made of sweet rice stuffed into little fried tofu wrappers. Turns out to be very simple to make, with room to get creative if you like. Check out a recipe + story here:

    My kids former ES has strict rules against unhealthy foods at bake sales, and they have a Japanese bicultural curriculum -- so these little buggers were a fixture at all the bake sales and always sold out.

    1. Got a mini-muffin pan? Minis are "cute" and just the right bite size for flute players. You could do lemon, blueberry... the sky's the limit.

      Use the same mini-muffin tin to make small crustless quiches. Or baked meatballs.

      Go get that muffin tin!!

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        You could also do mini-cheesecakes in a mini muffin pan. I don't have a recipe to share, but they've always done well at bake sales I've been involved in. Fudge usually goes over well, too, 'cause for some reason, most people hate making it themselves. I have a great recipe for that, if you're interested.

      2. Whoopie pies care good and can be individually wrapped. I like to make fake hostess cupcakes, complete w/ the curlicue white topping. I use Hershey's black magic cake, in cupcakes. Fill w/ buttercream or fluff frosting. Top w/ chocolate ganache. Then put melt white chocolate in a ziploc bag (since I assume you don't have piping bags and tips). Cut a little (very little) hole in a corner and pipe the curlicue line.

        For something really simple, just make peanut butter cookies, and dip half in chocolate.

        1. What about chocolate-covered bacon? That salty-sweet thing still seems to be very popular. There are lots of places to order it on-line, so you could get an idea of how small to break the pieces. I think it's just thick-cut bacon, baked in the oven (you can do a lot that way), drained and cooled, broken, dipped in chocolate, drizzle white chocolate over, if desired, chill in the fridge.

          I don't know how much you'd put in a bag (snip the sides of the folded flap of a sandwich bag, straighten it up to match its opposite edge, tie with a ribbon or raffia) or how to price it, but you'll figure it out.

          I don't know if the flute player is male or female. If male, he might go for the bacon. If female, she might prefer chocolate-covered strawberries. So do a batch of each for your sale. Either would hold well in the fridge until your sale and would be okay at room temp until you sell it. There used to be chocolate-covered pretzels, but I think bacon is the new pretzel!

          1. Paula Deen's Monster Cookies are always a hit. They do have peanut butter though, so check to see if the bake sale is peanut free.

            Rice Krispie treats in giant squares are always great for bake sales. You can make a chocolate version too with Cocoa Krispies. Wrap each square in cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon. When I make these, I use store brand cereal- much cheaper.

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              At all the bake sales I've been involved in, rice krispie treats were the most popular item. You can make a decadent peanut butter version by adding PB to the marshmallow-butter mixture asit melts, and sprinkling in some chocolate chips when it all comes together (they get a bit melty that way; to be neater, you can press them into the top once it's in the pan). I don't like RK treats as a rule, but even I like this version.