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May 1, 2009 11:50 AM

Manassas or Centerville no-meat-or-dairy options?

Shot in the dark here, I know we don't get a lot of talk about Manassas on this board but does anyone have any suggestions for a dinner there without meat or dairy? I have enjoyed the fried-everything plate and a couple of other possibilities at Pho Gourmet and Pho 234. and then there is Red Lobster -- bad idea, duh! Actually it was barely okay but not for the price, I might as well have gone to Long John Silver's. I guess I could put something together at Panino but again, the price! Also maybe one of the Thai places downtown but neither of them impresses me much.

Not so familiar with the options in Centerville but I could extend my search there. The banh xeo at Pho Bistro is pretty good but we had that for lunch. Don't really know my way around the Korean places there but they all seem to do best wih some meat involved anyway,


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  1. your best bet might be trekking over to fairfax to go to woodlands ( or to vienna for sunflower (

    1. I know you're going to be surprised, but there are actually quite a few options. I think many restaurants have non-meat options (are you pesca-tarian or vegetarian?)
      There's Cici's Pizza, any asian place will have tofu items that will have tons of veggies in it. If vegetarian, just be sure that it doesn't have fish sauce on it. There are also many hispanic places or places like Chipotle where you could get a vegetarian burrito or other things of the sort. You could also eat at Whole Foods, or the restaurant inside Grand Mart. Again, if pescatarian, Sweetwater has great options and you can ask them exactly what is in the sauces that they will put on the fish.

      i second sunflower. they're vegan-friendly which means no meat or dairy.

      if you widened your scope to dc, i could share many more places.

      Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant
      2531 Chain Bridge Rd Ste D, Vienna, VA 22181

      1. My quest is not ideologically based but rather in observation of Catholic fasting requirements (Eastern rite forbids dairy as well as meat on fast days). So yeah, um pescetarian I guess. I know there are a lot of options in Fairfax and DC but on Friday nights I don't care to make that trek. Cici's is out -- dairy, plus blech. Chipotle, yuck. The restaurant in Grand Mart sounds like a good idea. Sweetwater is also a good call. For Asian, in Manassas it is mostly pho places and their fish or vegetable soups all use the beef broth. And, like I said, our two Thai restaurants have not impressed me. I will be trying them again though. I will report back when I have learned more.

        1. I don't know if this would work, but I like the Portuguese restaurant in Manassas - Espresso. They have some nice fish options. I love salt cod and theirs is very good. They often have fish that they grill as well as rice and seafood dishes. Hopefully, I have correctly added a link to this restaurant.

          Espresso Restaurant
          9002 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110

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            I see my link only goes to the Chowhound listing of this restaurant. You can view their menu here:

            It is a family owned place. There are two rooms - the outer room is more casual and has a bar in it as well as the charcoal grill. There is usually a TV on in this room showing Portuguese sporting events.

            There is also a nicer dining room (I always eat in the bar, but a friend of mine was put off by it and preferred the dining room).

            I have had many good meals here - sometimes just the grilled chicken or fish, sometimes the well-priced specials, and often my favorite salt cod. My friend says the grilled shrimp are wonderful.

            1. re: MarietteB

              I've been there once and I've been meaning to go back. I was so delighted by the enormous pile of grilled chourico (sp?) that I had as an appetizer that it hadn't occurred to me to look there for a Friday-night option! Good call!

          2. I recall a Korean tofu restaurant opened in Centreville a year or two ago. Haven't read anything more about it lately. I think it's in the shopping center next to the Centreville Lanes bowling alley on Lee Hwy near the 29/28 interchange.