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May 1, 2009 11:44 AM

Pepsi Throwback

Does anyone know if this is coming to the GTA (and or the similar coke product?). I do not react well to corn syrup, so am interested in these cane sugar based versions of coke and pepsi...just curious if there's any difference in taste with the icky modern product.

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  1. You can check if any stores are still selling Passover Coke, or I think you can get Mexican Coke in Kensington.

    I haven't seen Throwback up here yet.

    The difference is that it's crisper, no slimy aftertaste that corn syrup leaves.

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    1. re: Negaduck

      I had forgotten about the passover stuff...and yeah thats what I was hoping re:taste. Thanks for the tip

      1. re: bluedog

        Perola's will have mexican coke and sometimes pepsi in single serving glass bottles.

    2. i hope this isn't too far for a bump, but has anyone has had any luck with this in the GTA?

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      1. re: toothpicvic

        Pepsi Throwback is not available in Canada. It was sold in the US for a limited time only I believe Pepsi stopped producing it in February 2010. I purchased mine from Wegmans on my last trip to the States. When my stock ran out I found Boylan’s Cola made with cane sugar—it actually works very well for me as a mixer or just straight. Whole Foods sells it for $1.99 a bottle but you can probably find it elsewhere a bit cheaper.
        Others on here have suggested Mexican Coke which can be found in some Latin stores in Kensington market.

        1. re: ParsleySage

          Boylan's Cola is also available at most Longos and Garden Basket locations. I believe it is priced at $1.69.

          1. re: ParsleySage

            Many flavours of Boylan are available at Sobey's for $1.50 a bottle.

        2. To revive an old thread. As of this writing Pepsi throwback is still available in the US. also i recieved an email from pepsi stating..

          Recently you contacted us about the availability of Pepsi Throwback in Canada.

          We are happy to announce that Pepsi Throwback is coming to a store near you! Beginning January 24th, the product will be available nationally in 12x355ml cans & single serve 591ml bottles for a limited time only.

          Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest Pepsi Canada news:

          We truly appreciate your interest in our brands and hope you’ll enjoy this blast from the past!


          PepsiCo Consumer Relations

          keep an eye out and if you see it around let us know please..

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          1. re: youdonut

            I seen and bought my very first Pepsi Throwback this afternoon.
            Zehrs on Ottawa Street in Kitchener has it in the pop cooler only. From what I seen, they only sell it as single bottles.