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May 1, 2009 11:14 AM

Searching for Salad

OK, this is not a joke. There are times when what I most want is a really great salad. Good quality greens. Large portions. Creative combinations. A stellar salad makes me really happy.

But I'm out of ideas. So I turn to you, kind chowhounds.

What's your favorite salad available in the Philly area and why? Where do you find it?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Salad Works? Not bad if having a sudden craving for greenery.

    As for more upscale places, Teresa's Cafe in Wayne has a large arugula salad with shaved parmesan and aged Balsamic that I love. They also have salad specials that may ring your chimes.

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        Hmm... got a sandwich with a large moth in it a few weeks back from CC Salad Works. I know, I know, it could happen anywhere, but I might have trouble eating at Salad Works for a while.

    1. Marathon Grill has a "control freak" salad where you can build your own creation. Kinda like a higher end salad works.

      1. They have great salads at the Marathon Grill. Another place that has good, humongous salads is Pietros Coal Oven Pizza.

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          Gia Pronto. I also like going to Grocery at 13th and Chestnut and making my own for takeout. I like Marathon's salads but they can be pricey depending on what you get. I had a really interesting and tasty salad at Sabrina's this weekend that was a special (and it was enormous, surprise!)- I'm unsure of their regular salad offerings.

        2. Corner Bakery. I have their Chopped Salad at least once a week. They leave out the green onions for me and give me harvest bread instead of the roll. Yum! And big - too much for my lunch.
          - Max

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            Nowhere near Center City but if you are out in the southern Chester County area you must try Talula's Table. I recently had the best beet salad there. It had red and yellow beets, candied walnuts, mixed greens, croutons. It was awesome!

          2. I just adore the calamari salad at Buddakan, perfectly dressed, perfect acidity, perfectly crisp calamari. The fig and blue cheese salad at Amada is really good too, you should try the lunch menu at Amada, its great!

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            1. re: AmblerGirl

              I like the chopped greek salad at The Drafting Room. Will be getting one tomorrow with the Monday night AYCE Mussels special