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May 1, 2009 10:45 AM

solo dining at Le Bristol for lunch?

I will be without my travel mate for a lunch and I would like to go to Le Bristol for a nice lunch. Anyone have any experience dining solo? I have rarely encountered any problems dining solo at fine restuarants, but have had the occasional bad experience where I was seated in a corner and forgotten about. Looking to do a great lunch at a 2 or 3 star if anyone has other suggestions that might better sutie a solo diner.


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    1. I've dined there alone and received excellent service. As the restaurant is in a hotel, they are particularly accomodating for single diners.

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        I have had 4 wonderful meals as a single diner in the summer restaurant at Le Brisotl. The service is superb, the atmosphere in the hotel garden, beautiful. Actually, I have had 50 2 and 3 star meals in France as a single with not one bad memory. Enjoy!

      2. Great timing - you'll be in the summer room overlooking the garden. However, it can be a hushed environment if there are few diners. If you find the quiet awkward, request a magazine or newspaper from the waiter or manager. Like rswatkins noted, they're very accommodating. One side note - although I enjoy their set lunches, it doesn't come close to the magic performed by the kitchen during a tasting or selections from the a la carte menu: stuffed macaroni, whiting, bresse hen, etc..