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May 1, 2009 10:02 AM

Los Altos: Esther's German Bakery - May 16th - Beer, grilled sausages and live music

On May 16th Esther's is celebrating both a late May Day and the first anniversary of their cafe. From 10 am to five pm there will be 'sausages on the grill' and the live music.

This was my first visit to the cafe. I was full, but wanted to check it out and just had coffee. They make a big deal about the roast. I though it was respectable, but nothing i'd buy a bag to bring home.

This is really a lovely cafe though. the front room is inviting, there's a little kid's play area set back so parents can keep an eye on the kiddies while enjoying coffee.

There's even a mini beer garden out back with three long, shaded picnic tables on a patio with flowers and a little fountain.

There haven't been many reports about Esther's since it opened. I'm familiar with the baked goods from farmers markets. How are breakfast and lunch items. From reading yelp, it seems the German pancake might be the best thing to order at breakfast.

Esther's German Bakery
987 N San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA 94022

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  1. Will this be at the Esther's on San Antonion next to the Beer making place or at the bigger Esther's in San Antonio Shopping Ctr? Parking's a bitch at the San Antonio Esther's and I don't see that there's a lot of room in front for a BBQ...

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      I was at the place linked next to the beer place. The sign didn't indicate it was at the other location.I could see them setting up a grill in the back beer garden. I understand that there's a parking lot in back?

      1. re: rworange

        Ah...back beer garden! Didn't notice that. We'll have to check it out!

        1. re: Concetta

          It is not large, but they could put the grill back there.

    2. I like Esther's. The Los Altos location, on San Antonio and linked to this post, is warm and welcoming. I like their breads, pretzels, pastries, and breakfasts. (never tried lunch)

      Parking is a problem because each store has reserved parking spots both on the street side and in the rear alley. So, Esther's has 3-4 in front and 3-4 in back, IIRC.

      The beer garden is a cozy, shaded area -- but it is only open during the operating hours of the café -- so be aware that it serves as an outdoor seating area for lunch and is closed at 5 p.m. I hope they will extend their hours during the summer.

      1. Just a reminder this is happening tommorrow

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        1. re: rworange

          Thanks for the pointer. I like their bread, never been to the cafe.

        2. Went last week for breakfast at the cafe off San Antonio road near Armadillo Willy's. The place was packed. I had the potatoe latkes and my friends had the sausage plate and some kind of omlette. The potato latkes were not bad - like crispy hash browns with a side of apple sauce. The winner out of all the dishes was the sausage plate by far. The German potatoe salad was fantastic and the sauerkraut was great!!!! I cant wait to stop by tomorrow at their May Day celebration.

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          1. re: misspiggy

            Do you recall which sausages were on the plate?

            1. re: Stephanie Wong

              I think she had the bratwurst. The bratwurst itself was good but it was the potato salad and the sauerkraut that was a homerun for me. The potato salad had great flavor and was very well balanced and the sauerkraut was really good even just eating alone.

              1. re: misspiggy

                Thanks! I was wondering because we've been exploring sausages and latkes at home. I had stocked up on Saag's from Grocery Outlet & DH has been playing at making latkes (not neverly crispy enough, but his homemade apple sauce is quite tasty!)

          2. Thanks for the head's up. I went this morning, my first time here, though I've purchased the breads at the farmers market before. I started with the Mai bowl and pfannkuche (pancake with apples) for breakfast. Can't recommend the German pancake, while it had rich eggy flavor, it was so heavy and dense with a rubbery texture. Oh well, that made it easier for me to abandon and order something from the Mai festival menu. When the oompa band started up, I got a bratwurst on a roll and a mug of Spaten draft lager.

            Esther was decked out in traditional dress. I had a chance to chat with her a bit, asking where she was from in Germany. She said she was from München, and when I replied, "Ah hah, from Bayern, that's why you know how to throw a party!", we bonded. Her sausages come from a producer in San Leandro.

            The staff are so helpful and friendly here. It was fun for me to be surrounded by German expats and see how much of my college German i could still remember.

            Here are some photos:

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              If I'm not mistaken, their sausages are most likely sourced from Dittmer's down the street.

              1. re: K K

                Actually, no, we talked about Dittmer's and Esther recommends them for retail sale. But the sausages she uses are from a packer in San Leandro.