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May 1, 2009 09:47 AM

Looking for new choices in Vegas: advice?

I love Vegas and go a lot. I tend to eat at the same places lately, given how much I love them:

N9NE, PRIME and MON AMI GABI for steaks, etc

ALEX for the high priced dinner

CIRCO I also love, have had two amazing meals there.

And of course, the best restaurant ever is now closed, COMMANDER'S PALACE

I've also done China Grill, Auroele, Nob Hill, Delmonico's, Craft, Wolfgang Puck Cafe (great place to sit at the bar and eat), Bradley Ogden...

I am headed to Vegas again in June and want to branch out. Maybe some of the newer choices? I'd love to avoid MGM, I am not fond of it, but will certainly go if something is worth it


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  1. You should definitely try Bouchon. MUCH better than Mon Ami Gabi and in just as beautiful a surrounding.

    How about venturing off the Strip and trying Lotus of Siam. It very good and gets a lot of recommendations on here as well.

    3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Lotus of Siam
    953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

    1. Commander's Palace - the best food and service - just AMAZING.

      I held my wedding reception here and NEARLY EVERY SINGLE GUEST (40 people) individually commented that they had the best food and service of their trip to vegas.

      One guest said, I hadn't eaten my appetizer and on the second course (of 6) when I still had barely eaten the server eqnired if I was a vegetarian. She said, "yes" and the server appologized profusely and brought me a whole different menu than every other guest at the party. She did not expect this - it was great!

      Customized amazing service. Great food - for foodies and non-foodies too!

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        1. re: jsfoodchat

          Commander's Palace closed a couple years ago.

        2. Just went to Vegas - here are my recommendations:

          1. Mesa Grill - Bobby Flay @ Caesars Palace: This was fantastic! What a great, great place! A must dine venue. Not overly fancy (compared to some like Michael Mina or Joel Rubicon) - just elegant with PERFECT food. They have a pre fix menu that you can get if you are going to a show at Caesars.

          2. Alex - The Wynn: This is a 2 Michelin star restaurant. The top of the line dinner (7 course tasting with extra course and pairings) cost $950 USD. Believe it or not, it was actually worth it. Food as high as art. My only advise is to tell them you are Canadian and that we like to eat slower than Americans. After we mentioned this, they slowed down the service and we had a fantastic time.

          3. Lindo Michocan (off Strip on West Sahara) $100 bucks will buy you everything 2 people could possibly fathom to eat and drink and then some. What Mexican! We don't have this type of thing in Calgary.

          4 Eiffel Tower Restaurant: This was very romantic with a beautiful view. The tasting menu was reasonable (maybe $75 USD + pairings). The food was good but not "food as high as art" like Alex. Just good, well done, not over the top fancy. An especially good choice for people that aren't total foodies - just want a "nice dinner" at a good price. The setting really can't be beat - overlooking the Bellagio fountains.

          5. Emiril's fish house at MGM - stopped in for an Oyster Po Boy at lunch time. Worth the visit. Fantastic service!

          6. The buffet at the Wynn - if you are going to do a buffet - go to the Wynn! Awesome.

          7. The Pizza place at the Wynn - I know I keep saying "The Wynn" but the place is just stacked! What a great little lunch place. Meatballs, a slice, mozza sticks! Wow!

          Still memorable from last trip:

          Hugo's Cellar
          Emeril's Delmonico

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          1. re: jsfoodchat

            Joel Robuchon and Mesa Grill are two totally different restaurants. Apples to oranges.

            As for the OP I would suggest L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Twist, Julian Serrano and Sage. The last three are all in city center.

          2. Here are the places on top of my "To Eat List":

            Bradley Ogden
            Le Cirque
            B & B
            Switch (I tried before under Marc Poidevin, but I want to see what Rene Lenger is now doing here.)
            Guy Savoy
            Joel Robuchon

            And away from The Strip, I need to try:

            Lotus of Siam
            Marche Bacchus
            Todd's Unique Dining

            Wish me luck! :-)

            1. The only place I MUST eat in Vegas is Raku.

              It is Japanes pub food but so good it hurts.

              I have never been disappointed by that place.

              Another places I absolutely adore is Rosemary's. Great ambiance, way off strip, very good food. Another no fail place.

              Lotus of Siam on the other hand is a whole different story. While I have heard good things about it, every time I have tried it (4 times), I have been very disappointed. Service has been horrible and the food did not meet expectation. It wasn't bad, but the Thai place down the street from my house is better. As is the one several blocks away and the one across town. You get the idea. I didn't find it particularly special. It didn't help that the last time I was there the food took forever to arrive and when it did it was luke warm. A friend who lives in Vegas tells me of similar experiences with Lotus of Siam.

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              1. re: kairajade

                I so totally agree on Raku. It was by far one of the best dinners I had in 2009. I was also, unfortunately, a bit underwhelmed by LoS. Perhaps I had completely overhyped expectations (not the least b/c of this board). The service was fine, but the food just didn't blow me away. Raku, otoh, did. I'd love to go back to Vegas just to eat at Raku again.

                1. re: kairajade

                  Going to LOS and expecting to eat food better than the Thai close to you is the wrong way to eat at LOS. Either eat dishes that you CAN'T get at the local Thai joint or simply ask Saipin to feed you. Tell her your likes and dislikes, your budget and sit back and be surprised.

                  1. re: shamu613

                    Yes I tried that too. Like I said, I tried LOS 4 times. Each time with a different waitperson and different strategy. I took recommendations and made my own choices and it didn't matter. I eat Thai food a lot, it is amongst my favorite, and I am lucky to have a fair number of Thai places close by to where I live. After 4 times I think that I am being fair in panning Lotus of Siam. Four times is enough to get a pretty good feel for any place.