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May 1, 2009 09:12 AM

Berkeley Bowl: Fresh ume, green almonds, sour plums

Execept for the first item, the other two items get asked for on the board from time to time. So just an alert.

I asked about what to do with ume on the general board since this is a new one for me.

As long as I'm talking about the Bowl ... other things this week ...

Stone fruit is just starting, but what is there is from Mexico. The apaone apricots were not that bad. Didn't bother at all with the white peaches since they really looked too green. I don't like most plums but there were Angelino plums.

The Alla Kristy yellow peach wasn't bad. For people who prefer a tart rather than sweet peach, this might be a good choice. Stil, it is almost $4 a pound and I suspect somewhere along the route from Mexico they were chilled.

The Brooke cherries are really too underripe and the bagged bargain cherries are mainly starting to rot though they look fine in the bag. I bought some because the bagged cherries looked ripe. They were just rotten, not ripe.

They have lots of specials on blackberries ... $1.09 and $1.29. However, they are all tasteless. I bought better blackberries at Grocery Outlet in January.

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    1. re: lihsiawang

      You peel them. They have a very mild slight almond flavor. They look somewhat gelatinous. Depending on how old they are, they have a slight crunch. I use them in fruit or vegetable mixes.

      1. re: lihsiawang

        Nice description here ...

        Green almonds, when picked now, closer to full maturity, are cool and crunchy, sweetish and lightly fatty, fruity and fence-sitting vegetal, like rhubarb or cucumbers"

        A few good articles.

        1. I saw green almonds today. Also sour grapes, star fruit, fresh rambutan, and giant Utah cherries.

          I was there to buy apricots, none of them seemed to have any aroma so I bought some conventional Pattersons since they looked and felt ripest.

          I didn't see any Odoriko tomatoes, which were reportedly at the new store earlier this week.

          The Oregon St. store was definitely less crowded than it used to be. There was only one guy ahead of me in the express line.