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May 1, 2009 08:48 AM

Has anyone been to Coquette lately (2009)?

Thinking about heading there this weekend, but there haven't been too many mentions on the board since it open. Opinions, please! Thanks.

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  1. Lots of turmoil at Coquette recently. Revolving chefs, owner's financial issues, etc. Recent Yelp reviews have been poor. I'd stay away, but I'm curious if anyone has been there recently, too.

    1. We were at the bar on a Friday night (10ish)several weeks ago. Drinks were great (Manhattans)...and oysters were only a $1! Also had the pate which was only ok. Unfortunately the place was empty. When we left, around 11:30, there was only one couple left at the bar and the dining room wasempty.

      1. I had dinner there last weekend and the overall feeling was...meh...
        On the plus side, there weren't very many people there and the server was very accommodating (moving us to a table indoors when it got chilly, for example) and the atmosphere was nice. The cheese board was decent and the entrees were definitely on the right track, but way too salty for my taste. We left thinking that it would be nice to go to sit at the bar and have some appetizers and a drink in a quiet place on a good people-watching corner, but not much more than that.

        1. I have been dissapointed here lately too. Walk and extra block to Bistot La Minette for super french food. No raw plate though. I am not downtown much anymore, has Samson street Oyster reopened?

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            Samson Street Oyster House hasn't yet reopened.

          2. I ate there maybe two months ago. It was friday night and relatively empty. I thought the wine was decent. We had good sardines for appetizer and I had a great scallop entree. My friend's short ribs were fatty and not quite hot enough... I would say ehhh.... though I don't know where this falls time wise amongst the recent happenings that other people have mentioned.

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