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May 1, 2009 08:42 AM

100% Chocolate Bars for Eating

Where can you get them here in LA? It is available in Europe and on the internet. I occasionally see the Lindt 99%, so far no 100%?

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  1. Curious Palate in Mar Vista carries Michel Cluizel bars and they have a 99% one...


    The Curious Palate
    12034 Venice Boulevard, Mar Vista, CA

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      1. re: Dommy

        I went to the Michel Cluizel store in Paris and his chocolates are out of this world.
        glad to know they sell them here

        1. re: coco puff

          They carry all sort of wonderful chocolates there... and Hubby's favorite snack, Earthquake Chips! :DD


          1. re: coco puff

            For a small shop/cafe, there's a lot of emphasis on chocolates, some of which is local artisan product. So far, I like the Sambirano chocolate from Madagascar. It's not 100% - "only" 75%, but like the label says,"Fine Dark Chocolate, Deeply Intense and Smooth."

        2. I believe I've seen Dagoba's 100% "prima materia" at Co-Opportunity. Not sure if they still have it, though. I can't imagine wanting to eat it straight; I remember spitting out chunks of baking chocolate stolen from Mom's cupboard when I was a kid.

          Is there a difference between 100% "for baking" and 100% "for eating"?

          The 73% Conocado bar, which the co-op recently got in, is fabulous.

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          1. re: Bjartmarr

            Its not a baking bar. Its like a regular chocolate bar. high quality chocolate. You have to savor it, you don't chew it, you let it melt in your mouth. Lindt makes a 99%, otherwise, they are Europe. I remember that bakers chocolate too.

            1. re: noshie

              I think baking and 100% are the same. You are just dealing with quality of bean, raosting of bean and processing. Single source chocolate is all the rage, I am sure Hershey takes ther beans from everywhere, blends roasts, etc.

              1. re: noshie

                You're actually eating/savoring the 99%? That was beyond my capabilities. I love the Lindt 85% (I think it's 85) and 70% though.

                Ghirardelli has a 100% at their Website ....

                ...that I also saw on Amazon but haven't seen anything locally. (Haven't been looking.) A couple places I might call would be Surfa's in Culver City and *maybe* a World Market, but the latter's an off-chance.

                If you're looking for other brands, some of the artisanal American brands mentioned in this entertaining blog post might be worth hunting down: