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May 1, 2009 08:39 AM

too full to eat at more than one restaurant a day

When traveling, how does one make room to enjoy multiple food vendors/restaurants/tasty cuisines in one day without getting too stuffed? I know usually people are looking for ways to eat less, but it seems it would be a shame not to get as much deliciousness as possible while traveling.

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  1. Traveling for fun means that I'm on vacation, means that I will spend a lot of energy doing "tourist" things, walking, walking, walkging, beach things, pool things, ... that's a lot of exercise; two years ago, I lost some weight while in Spain !! and I ate a lot.

    So, I'm usually famished by 8pm-ish and will eat, and will continue walking after that.

    1. it's a problem. I try to eat lunch early and dinner late...which is hard because my husband doesn't like to eat late. I also try to share as much stuff w/ him as possible so I can get small tastes. I always work out every day on vacation to burn some calories and speed up digestion. Some things that I find irresistable, I may buy to take home and eat then. (nothing like whipping out something wonderful in the airport)

      Our latest trick is eating in two different restaurants for one meal. For example, in NYC, we go to John's pizza where I eat 1/2 slice and husband eats most of the rest of a pizza. Then we walk across the street to Pearl's , where I eat a lobster roll and he eats a salad.

      I wish I didn't have to say this under my real name...but I have actually tried throwing up pre-dinner to make some more stomach room (yes, just like the Roman vomatoriums) , but it didn't really work for me just made me feel icky AND still full.

      In the end, you just have to suffer. No pain no gain! I once ate 9 times in a 27 hour trip to NYC.

      1. I rarely get to Manhattan. Last time was one night only. So I went out to dinner at - if I remember correctly - four places - for four courses. All places you didn't need a reservation. It was something like a Japanese place (miso soup, hot rice, quick pickles, ume, bit of sashimi, cold sake), Greek deli/restaurant (ground lamb stuffed in peppers( ?), a little salad, a nice red), Chinese near Times Square (dumpling soup & Tsing Tao), and a bar for a bourbon.

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              at least have dessert with it, maybe a single chocolate bonbon : )

        1. Years ago when Laos was still a closed backwater, a colleague and I would go out to dinnner. But often it would mean the two of us first going to a hole in the wall Lao place where I'd have laab & khao niyao & lots of greens & beer. My buddy would have a beer. Then (this is in Vientiane in this case) we'd go to the one French restaurant where he'd have a meal and I'd have bread and wine.

          1. In Vietnam, you have to skip the hotel breakfast and go out to get pho on the sidewalk.