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May 1, 2009 08:34 AM

Philly - Where to have a nice dinner for 12-15 people on a Friday or Saturday?

Planning a low-key "bachelorette" party and looking for a good restaurant for dinner. We'd need reservations for 12 people, on a Friday or Saturday. Most of my favorite restaurants are way too small to host so many people so I am drawing a blank! All types of cuisine could be considered, adventurous ok, ethnic ok. Even a BYOB could be ok. I'd like somewhere nice with good food in the $20-ish per entree range. Any part of the city could work too. Only place I can think of now is Vietnam. Thanks for any other suggestions!

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  1. Mama Maria's is great and fun for groups (South Philly, E. Passyunk). Also look into Marrakesh near South Street. Maybe not the best food ever, but it's food, and fun environment and process that is in your price range.

    1. quick list-
      el vez, bridgid's in fairmount, ralphs on 9th and catherine, or give modo mio a shot....i doubt they'll be able to accomodate, but worth a shot

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        i like all of these places, but el vez is the only one that is upbeat enough to be appropriate for a bachelorette party. you definitely want something fun. i've organized dinners for two bachelorette parties and they were at suilan (susanna foo's joint at the borgata, since closed. it was SUPER AWESOME) and a place in vegas that i forget. tequila's could be fun too, as could villa di roma (though i hate their food, the waiteresses will probably un-surly themselves for a bunch of gals). you want somewhere a little loud too so your party of 12 doesn't dominate. or you could always eat at north bowl while bowling and rent the upstairs lanes....

        get thee to modo mio on your own though, stat! NOM!

      2. Marigold Kitchen has a few nice rooms upstairs that can host a party that size. It is, of course, a BYOB, but I think they're in your price-range.

        Some other options include Ansill and Zahav.

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          I just went to Zahav last night and found the food to be better than I remembered during my first visit (which was just after they opened), that would be festive and tasty. They currently have a $36 prix fixe that included salads and humus for the table, three small dishes from their menu, and dessert. It didn't seem like a lot of food when we ordered, but 3 hours later we were walking out pretty full.

        2. Thanks for all these suggestions! They are some good ideas. El Vez might be fun, which led me to think of Distrito as well. I also love Marigold Kitchen and Ansill but didn't think they could accomodate a large party, but now that i think about it, they may be able to.

          Modo Mio is already a favorite of mine!

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            My problem with El Vez is it's always SO noisy I can't even hear the people across from me at a small table. I'm not sure how great it would work for a party, but, depends on what you want.

            As I know I've recommended elsewhere before, La Fuorno on South Street has always been wonderful to me in handling parties in their upstairs room...they're totally great with a nutty crowd that wants to hang out late, will arrange a prix fix meal that will fit whatever restrictions/requests your party may have (while also allowing additional orders off the menu), etc. For a place that looksl ike just a typical South St. pizza joint from the street, they really do good stuff inside.

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              I think Distrito would be good for a bachelorette party, and food definitely better than el vez, imo.