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May 1, 2009 08:23 AM

new resto: Belfry in YYC?

Has anybody tried Belfry on 8th Avenue yet?

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  1. For everyone's info- this is a new pub that has taken over Murph's and the little pizza place that was next to it. I stepped inside on opening day- definitely more pub than bistro- though its menu is heading into gastropub territory with lashes of, say, Opus on 8, but the menu I looked at was tentative so I can't comment more. What I CAN say is that this is a GORGEOUS pub along the lines of the James Joyce up the street, and it'll be nice to check out before or after a flick at the Globe or the Uptown.

    1. I believe it is the same chef (cook) that was at Murph's prior. Definitely more pub than gastro. They are not serving off the full menu yet, just some basics and the pizza although they do bring the menu to the table. Prices are pretty good, although not as cheap as Murph's usd to be. I had a Spicy Chicken sandwich and it was alright. Tastes pretty much the same as how Murph's tasted (albeit this opinion was based on this one dish). Caught a glimpse of the pizza and it looked the exact same as Murph's was.

      Completely different place though, you would never recognize what used to be there, amazed at how fast they renovated too.

      Waitresses in the skimpy short skirts, although our was missing a few important teeth.

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      1. re: fotze

        Short skirted waitresses? Gee, I guess I'm not their target market ;) Is this another Penny Lane Entertainment Group project?

        1. re: maplesugar

          Don't read too much into Fotze's comment- it's not The French Maid and I (being a gay dude, I guess) didn't even notice the servers. And it's not PLE, no.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Ya its not bad at all, one of the waitresses from Murphs was kinda peeved she had to wear the skirt, but it is nothing like the Vickers garbage. Not really skirt, more girl-kilts.

            1. re: John Manzo

              Glad to hear they're not all tarted up...sorry for jumping to conclusions.

        2. Went there last night (Saturday) for a drink around 9:00 and the place was empty! Maybe 12 people in the entire place (including staff). Prices on pints were good and the menu (although they weren't serving it yet) looked quite good. Hopefully business picks up, it is quite a nice space after the reno.
          As to the short-skirted waitresses, the waitresses were as covered (if not more) than they are at Joey's or Earl's (places people take their families), so I wouldn't worry about that.