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May 1, 2009 08:18 AM

Quiet and Reasonably Priced In Lower Manhattan

Since moving to New York my French husband has constantly complained about the noise level in New York restaurants. We're looking for somewhere in lower Manhattan (preferably Union Square or below) that, while not necessarily "romantic", is a few decibels lower than your average NYC meal on a Friday or Saturday night. No cuisine restrictions and simple is fine, but we're not looking to break the bank. Any suggestions?

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  1. I find that Japanese restaurants tend to be on the quieter side a lot of the time.

    What's the most you are willing to spend for the two of you, including tax and tip?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I'd like to keep it around $100. I like Japanese but wouldn't mind having a variety of cuisines. I know I am not making this any easy question.

      1. re: karinabean

        Kyo Ya and Sushi Azabu are both *very* quiet.

    2. We generally avoid eating out in NYC on Thursday - Saturday. These restaurants have simple, good, fare (no wow or bleeding edge) - except for Degustation which is in a different league. Tables are far enough apart (Degustation is bar seating only). They have been around awhile and are not super lively, or a scene. All are neighborhood places, under the radar screen:

      Table Tales Cafe (American/Seaport North) - $26 prix fixe, 3 courses
      Acqua (Italian/Seaport North) -
      Duane Park (American/TriBeCa) -
      Serge (French) - has prix fixe
      Cornelia Street Cafe (American) - gotta love "we beg you to use cell phones outside" on the menu -
      Degustation - no website, not on

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      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Cornelia St. is under the radar? I actually think they're mentioned too often as a restaurant (as opposed to a music bar). For the record, I find their food very pedestrian - totally opposite to Degustation, which is also at a totally different - much higher - price point.

        1. re: Pan

          Thanks for your thoughts, Pan. OP said "since moving to NY . . ." Agree that Cornelia Street is NOT under the radar screen for locals. My experiences at Cornelia Street have been very good. We just went for brunch recently. I noted in my post that Degustation is in a different league then my other suggestions (perhaps you missed it).

          Do you have some more suggestions for karinabean?

      2. Ennio and Michael's on LaGuardia Place...Arte on 9th and University (though it may be a bit more expensive than you want--check Menupages)...Holy Basil (Thai) on 2nd Ave and 9th Street...