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Good Gyro and Greek salad in S Jersey?

I know this has come up before, but I'm wondering if there is anything new. I've been craving a good gyro and a Greek salad in the Cherry Hill area. I've done Kuzina (won't do that again), Norma's (not great for the gyro), Oasis (again, gyro not their strong suit), and a few other places, but have not found anything that could even be considered good. I usually get my Greek salad fix from Ponzios, which is OK, but not great. Maybe there is someplace I am missing that someone out there can suggest. Any suggestions?

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  1. Its greek to me in pier village and holmdel has the best gyro and greek salads i ever had. I talked to the owner and he said that their gyro meat is specially made just for its greek to me and comes straight from chicago. the tzatziki is also the best.

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      Thanks; unfortunately too far away but sounds good. Just wish it were closer.

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        Good point to this Holmdel site, I actually work in Holmdel but nothing past I go there I go home, so maybe I now have cause to venture a side trip!

      2. A few days ago, I wandered, for the first time, into the Westmont Diner, where they offered me a side order of Greek salad with my meal. A very pleasant surprise- crisp greens, good feta, anchovies, and an unusual (creamy Greek??) dressing which was actually pretty good. The waitress walked by with a larger version which was immense! There is gyro on the menu, but I didn't try it.
        The place is very small for a Jersey diner, also clean and friendly. I'll be back.
        If you try the gyro, let us know how it is.

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          I haven't been to that diner in a long time. I like a ham and cheese omelet and both times there their 'ham' has been that horrible chopped up mush hamloaf that is the stuff of grammer school cafeterias. I guess that turned me off so much that I haven't been willing to go back. BTW: when I went back the second time for an omelet I asked if the ham was real ham and not the chopped up ham loaf, the waitress said they used real ham. Guess some people do not know what real ham looks like!
          Maybe the Westmond diner has changed hands since I haven't been there is at least 4 years or so.

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            Have you tried the Athens Grill on rt9 (Stella towne Plaza) in Toms River NJ.....


        2. Hathaways is a diner in Cinnaminson NJ about 20 minutes from Cherry Hill.
          Featured in a NJ Magazine article on Greek Food and restaurants.

          Know it may mean nothing as Kuzina is mentioned in the same article...


          1. I haven't tried either at the new Santorini Cafe in west Cherry Hill, opened 8/10 by the Athens Cafe owner. See the posts at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/186111 and http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/729093 .

            1. Pithari Tavern, Highland Park is the best Greek food hands down.

              but unless your from Passaic County, you know that Middlesex is not South - is central.

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                The past two times I've been to Pithari, I was disappointed.

              2. Has anyone found a true gyro in NJ where they actually shave the meat off of the hot spit? The only places I have come across this is at the Trenton Kebab House, which in my opinion has the best gyro in NJ. Second runner up is the Gyro Hut or whatever it is called in the Freehold Mall, which is OK at best.

                That said, what other restaurants have hot, cooked, and shaved off the spit gyros in NJ? -mJ

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                  hi njfoodies! I really like Pithari in Highland Park. The owner is opening a 2nd location on Applegarth Rd. in Monroe soon. I really enjoy his stuff! So does my husband, who is Greek! :) from a family of immigrants from Crete! yum yum!!!



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                    The only Highland Park I know is back home right outside of Chicago! LOL! I will have to check this place out though and see exactly where Highland Park is. Thanks for the tip! -mJ

                2. Rumor has it there are a ton of great gyro places in New Brunswick. Anyone know where they are? -mJ