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May 1, 2009 07:54 AM

Main St Middletown,Ct

If you had to only go to one place on Main St in Middletown,Ct where are you going? I would put my vote in for Fiore II imo the best Italian in Middletown.

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  1. Just one place hard to say. I like Tuscanny Grill, just off Main St for Italian. I found it a little odd that Fiore and now Sammy's are run by eastern Europeans/Balkans. My favorite has got to be Typhoon for Thai

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      I like Tuscanny Grill the menu is very creative but the service is very poor there not enough help. My girlfriend and I went there and i felt bad for our server cause she had to do everything including re filling water and cleaning the tables they dont have bus boys which for a higher priced place is a no no in my book. As for Fiore being run by Europeans have you ever watched the Anthony Bourdain show? If you go to the best say French Restaurant in New York your food will almost more then likely be made by someone thats not French prob Mexican.... The food at Fiore's is far better then Amichis where its just how much food they can stuff on one plate rather then make it taste good. Also First and Last is the most overrated place to eat in CT. Nothing about that place is special to me

      Ive never been to typhoon for thai, However, i have been to Thai Gardens which i thought was decent why is that place your fav?

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        I stopped by Typhoon when I started working around here, as they have great lunch specials. I find the food fresh, cooked perfectly, and for $5.25 a great value. The girls at the counter are always very nice too. When someone told me Thai Garden also has a lunch menu, I tried them. I'd have to say Thai Garden's food is equally as good as Typhoon, and if I were taking a lady to lunch, a nicer atmosphere

        1. re: BiscuitBoy

          wow 5.25 for lunch cant beat that these days i will have to try it out. Have you ever tried the Firehouse? I went there once i thought the food was really bad and the prices were crazy.