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Royal Tavern - S. Philly

A couple questions about the Royal Tavern in S. Philly. My wife and I are going to the Phils game tonight and we wanted to stop at the Royal Tavern before the game. We unfortunately have to drive; so how difficult will it be to find a spot down there around 4:45 – 5:00? And, how crowded will it be around that time on a Friday night?

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  1. There may be a bit of happy hour crowd, but I think you'll be ok with just the 2 of you. The food can take some time, so you may want to ask the server the timeframe of your order. Have some fries with malt vinegar mayo for me!

    1. FYI, the Royal just won some kind of award on Food Network for their burger, so it may be more crowded than usual.

      1. Parking should be fine around that time. It can get a little dicey later on.

        1. Make sure that you pick a few tunes from the Jukebox - best in town. Personal favorite - Teenage Kicks by the Undertones - "3 minutes of perfection" as the late John Peel said.

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            Nice! Problem though, with good jukeboxes; they keep me in the place longer than I would normally; you know, waiting for those 3 songs you picked out like an hour ago.....I'm on a schedule tonight! Looking forward to this place, I've been wanting to try it for a while.

          2. just go eat at the stadium...Citizen Bank has better food than most stadiums in the country...leave the royal for a week day night without the crowds

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              While I agree that the food is better at CBP than most stadiums, I'd much rather spend a couple hours at the Royal Tavern than eat overpriced, second-rate cheesesteaks, Schmitters, etc. I go to about 20 games a year so the novelty of having good food at the ballpark has long-since worn off. I hear what you are saying though.....I hope you don't take offense.

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                Have you tried Rich Friedman's (i think thats his name) food at Harry the K's...he used to run the kitchen at the Sidecar, 21st and Christian)....now he makes his own sausage and other great stuff at Harry the K's....if you haven't gone.....go

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                  When did he leave Sidecar? Ate at Sidecar a couple time last year and thought it was awesome. Live in the 'burbs so we don't get there too often.

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                    since last June I'd say. it was mid season at CBP when he took over Harry the K's.

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                    Where is Harry the K's - not the one at the stadium - I hope

              2. Made it to the Royal Tavern, and it, not the Phillies game, was the highlight of our evening…..Chan Ho Park was lit up that particular night. We had no problem parking and the place was nearly empty….we did get there at 4:30 so no surprise there. Good beer selection, I had the Philadelphia Brewing Company seasonal, Fleur de Lehigh which was the perfect accompaniment to an amazing burger, the Angus I think it’s called (perfect bun – not too soft, not too crusty, smoked gouda, mild hot peppers, chipotle mayo, caramelized onions, thick-slab but still crispy bacon, amazing patty, medium rare – fatty and light at the same time – how’d they do that ?). It was an amazing burger, possibly the best I’ve had…..period. Fries were properly double-fried and crispy, possibly hand-cut and served with a malt vinegar mayo that was pure genius. We were served by the bartender who had a seemingly southern charm to him, but was tattooed in authentic S Philly hipster style. Super friendly guy. He was a perfect combo of Kenneth from 30 Rock and a Philly bike messenger. Jukebox was all over the place – just like it should be. Soul, classic rock, punk, R&B, hip hop….it was all there.

                This place is a gem. There should be a Royal Tavernesque joint in every city neighborhood. Being from Mt Airy we are lucky to have McMeniman’s, but even McMens could take a burger and fries lesson from the Royal.

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                  I live around the corner from McMens and agree -- they need burger lessons from someone.