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May 1, 2009 07:37 AM

BEST steakhouse in nyc

I need to find a really great steakhouse to go for birthday. Been to lugers, morton, strip house, del frisco's, ben & jacks, sparks, keens, smith & wollensky. are there any others in nyc that are great?? what about quality meats, or old homestead? any others?

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  1. Ad nauseum posts on this. I have been to most of the best steakhouses in the city.. feel free to read my reviews or search the boards.... A few that you have not been to that are worth checking out are Strip House, BLT Prime, Old Homestead, Craft (not a traditional steakhouse per se but they serve an incredible porterhouse, you can also go to Craftsteak which i haven't been yet but is the same menu basically). Quality Meats is also good but I would rate the above a bit higher.

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