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May 1, 2009 06:16 AM

Mother's Day Help Uptown/Midtown

Hey fellow hounders - I know in a tough situation I can always count on you!

My family lives in 2 distinct camps - one north of Hwy 7 and one at of St. Clair. So when big events like Mothers' Day rolls around it's almost impossible to find a decent restaurant that won't be a 45 minute drive for one faction of the family. We try to find somewhere in the middle like - Sheppard and Yonge or even Finch - but it seems to be a dead zone for restaurants.

Can someone (anyone - please!) help us find a good restuarnant that can accomodate a large group of around 10, including kids, within this vicinty (more or less): South of Finch - North of Eglinton, West of Bayview, East of Dufferin.

One place I was thinking of was Camarra's - any input?

I know it's a tall order - but thanks so much - I'm getting a bit desperate!

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  1. It's just a tad outside of your search area, at Bayview & Sheppard, but what about Oliver & Bonacini at the Bayview Village? They even have a room that would suit your crowd.

    Haven't been to Camarra's.

    1. What about Oliver and Bonacini at Bayview Village -- it's good but not great, large, child-friendly, and in the right area (with parking).

      1. This will definately require reservations, but try Ferraro 502, it's on Eglinton between Avenue Rd and Spadina Rd. Decent size, always lot's of families. Pastas, salads, paninis and wraps, but the real big thing there is the wood oven pizzas. So good. Killer homemade bread, too.