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May 1, 2009 03:44 AM

Best curries in NW England/N Wales

hello there - looking for hot (excuse the lousy pun) Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Keralian places in the north west of england and north wales. thanks in advance. Been to the Bengal Dynasty in Shotton and didn't live up to the hype - any underrated gems out there?

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  1. I've always liked the cafes in the Northern Quarter in Manchester - there are about five or six of them of them, and they serve a selection of dishes each day - meat and veggie ones. Most people go for the three dishes with rice option, which is about £4. I can't remember all their names, but there are two on Thomas St off Oldham st - the Yadgar and the Al-Faisal. The others are all on side streets in that area. They are very basic cafes, open only during the day and serving only soft drinks, but the food is very tasty.

    A bit further up the spectrum is the Mayur in Liverpool (Duke St). I've not been for a year or so, but the quality of the cooking is a head and shoulders above the average "curry house". They don't resort to the same couple of sauces to form the base of all their dishes. It was opened by an Indian doctor who wanted to produce healthy Indian food. If you've not been already, it's worth a visit.

    1. Dilli in Altrincham is regularly mentioned as Manchester's best Indian restaurant.

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        dilli certainly isnt cheap.

        the original eastzeast in manchester near the paradise factoyr is consistently excellent. otherwise the cafes n the northern quarter are cheap cheerful and delicious. Kabana at the back of turner street was always my fave, i never managed to spend more than £6 and the channa masala was lush.

      2. Sanam (the little green one, not the big pink one) in Rushholme in Manchester is usually great, although they have a fairly high chef turnover (seems to be about three per year) and when I went in December it was a bit lacklustre. Usually it's absolutely delicious, though.

        1. A number of "better than average" places:- Dilli in Altrincham. Seven Spices in Cheadle Hulme. Akbars, Eastzeast or Shimla Pinks in Manchester city centre,

          The Northern Quarters caffs are good for a cheap lunch. Hunters does some game curries which are a bit of a novelty but their kebabs are usually a better bet. The other places are much of a muchness - most offering a "rice and three" curries for about four quid. I like Aladdin and Al-Faisal. Kebabish - on one of the back streets towards Piccadilly railway station - is away from the the main Quarter and is my current favourite - a bit dearer than the others

          Rusholme used to be THE PLACE to go in Manchester but is now very dreary, all with the usual curry house offerings. There is, IMO, one standout place and that's the Punjab Tandoori (at the southern end of Wilmslow Road). It's standout because it's the only place I know in the Manchester area that does southern Indian specialities such as bhel puri and dosas. It also has, by far, the best offering of vegetarian dishes in Rusholme.

          1. DST

            As a relevent aside, would you like to comment further about your Bengal Dynasty experience, please.

            As you mention hype, am I right in thinking that's gotta be the big one at Shotton alongside the main road (on the right if yuo're heading towards Wales)? I've heard it mentioned but am not sure what the hype has been (or how it might not have lived up to it).


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              HI John,

              Yes the bengal dynasty is the one in Shotton, it's on the main road just past the ice rink on the left as you head towards Wales. Forget how I came across it but it won Welsh Curry house of the year so I was determined to go. Can't remember the details but i was disappointed with my biryani (there's more detail in the report I wrote at the time on the north wales reccs thread) The veg curry looked and tasted as if it had been made with frozen veg. Though it did have a wide menu which you can look at on line. Perhaps I ordered badly.
              More recently I've been to Kareem's in Rhyl, which has just bagged the top welsh curry spot. The dish that won them the prize is the spicy lamb chops starter which is in the style of Tayyab's here in London but not quite as tender. The mains we ordered were disappointing (and pricey at some £9 a shot - for Rhyl!!) . The biryani was really low on the meat; another of the main courses came out cold and had to be reheated. Wasn't impressed as we were the only people in the place at the time and there was only three of us. Nice toilets though in a footballer's wives OTT way - I reckon that's what they really got the prize for!
              There's another big curry house in Bodelwyddan that my family go to - will post its name later - but that isn't special, either. The best one I've had in that area so far was from a place called Asha's in Wellington Rd Rhyl but I've heard even that has gone off recently. Hence starting this thread!!

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                Ta for the warning. By way of swapsies, may I similarly warn you off Good Food Guide recommended Bangla Fusion in Preston (and also on the moors above Rochdale of all places).