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Apr 30, 2009 11:40 PM

Belgian Beer Pairing Dinner?

My husband and I had a special New Year's Eve dinner in Belgium a few years ago where we had specific Belgian beers paired with each of our 10 course meal. I'd like to surprise him for his 40th birthday with a similar dinner here. Does anyone know of any restaurants in the LA area that specialize in Belgian food and beer?

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  1. If Laguna Beach is in your definition of the LA area, there's Brussel's Bistro.

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    1. I'm not sure how far you'd want to stretch the notion of "a similar dinner," but J.J. Brewski's in Camarillo did a series of beer dinners in which a chef prepared a number of dishes that were paired with beers from a particular brewery. I attended a couple of these -- a bargain at $45 -- and was very pleasantly impressed. I don't think Brewski's has done one in a while, but you might call them and see if they plan any in the future.

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        On that note, in October, Old Vine Cafe, in Costa Mesa, offered a beer tasting in addition to their normal wine tasting. They may be able to accommodate you upon request.