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Kogi Tacos - Rowland Heights location

I was thinking of hitting up the Kogi location in Rowland Heights later tonight. I've been wanting to go for a while, and I understand the menu is great...definitely going to have the tacos...is there anything else that I should try while I'm there? Anyone have any idea how the lines are in Rowland Heights...there will be two trucks there, but one's only staying until midnight and the other's staying until 2am.

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  1. Beef burritos, kimchi quesadillas, Kogi sliders, Chef's Special (tonight in Little Tokyo it was spicy octopus with plantain and mandarin oranges). Enjoy! Oh, and bring cash (no plastic accepted).

    1. I went to the Rowland Heights location on this night around 1AM and waited for a good 45 minutes. The lines were ridiculous. Their website shows that they go to the Rowland Heights location about twice a week. I liked thier short rib tacos and tofu tacos, though it seems that I bought the last of the short rib tacos so there wasn't too much meat in them. I'm glad I finally tried Kogi, though it's probably unlikely that I'll be willing to wait that long again.

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        How early do you have to show up to get a good place in line?

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          I would guess closer to when the trucks first start serving. Towards the end, they ran out of some of the menu times.

      2. I think the only thing you'll be trying is your patience! lol Good luck with the lines. Hope they have food left when it's your turn to order. Let us know how it tastes.

        1. where is it located in Rowland Heights??? and when???

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            You can check their website for when they will be in Rowland Heights. It says that they will be there today from 10PM-2AM. They're at Nogales & Daisetta near TS Emporium.

          2. Kogi = overrated watered-down korean food

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            1. I finally made it out to the Kogi location in Rowland. The food was terrific. To get a taco with a distinct asian meat filling was awesome. The short rib was great...though I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say that the Kogi sliders were the best thing on the menu. Salty and sweet Korean BBQ short ribs topped with their signature vinegary, crunchy slaw inside a King's Hawaiian roll was so good. The only problem is that it was $5 and you only got two. The burritos are, by far, the best value at $5 and are filled with rice, beans, choice of protein, slaw, and cheese. I tried the short rib last night, and picked up an extra chicken to take home. Will be eating the chicken one in a little bit. Last night's chef's special was the ham and kimchee sliders...distinctive with smoky, salty ham, cheese, and spicy crunchy kimchee, but not as spectacular as the original Kogi slider. The kimchee quesadillas were inconsistent. The two pieces my sister and I shared did not have any kimchee flavor, however, the remaining two pieces we took home had the spicy kimchee delightfully scattered throughout that melded so well with the cheese. It was a great experience with the exception of a few things: they ran out of Kogi dogs, they ran out of spicy pork, and the line was ridiculously long. We were there with some friends for three hours...which was fun, but not so fun in the cold, when you're all hungry, and when the cul-de-sac the truck was parked in had the faint aroma of a Chinese restaurant's dumpster.

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                Ha ha ha... sounds like the hype when Krispy Kreme first came to town ! remember those lines ?

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                  I'll be honest with you....I've never waited in line for Krispy Kreme. So I don't remember that at all. But if you were to ask me which is better...I'm going to go with Kogi. :)