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Apr 30, 2009 07:45 PM

guinness 250

has anyone tried the new 250 year anniversary stout from guiness that was released last friday? i went to three stores on saturday - two did not have any and one was allocated 2 cases, which went fast.

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  1. I had some on tap at a Celtic festival last weekend. Didnt seem as smooth as the regular guinness. A little more tinny. Otherwise ok.

    1. I got a case this weekend. I think it is good. I find it with a touch more flavor than original

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      1. re: DapperDave

        Which Guinness Stout do you consider the "original"? "Guinness Draught", in the US at least, is the "newest" Guinness (mid-1960's IIRC), Guinness Extra Stout and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout were around longer in the US market.

        I stopped into one of those small "poor selection" liquor stores this weekend, where anything of interest is out-of-date, so I bought a six of the Guinness 250 (since I knew it had to be fresher than some of the other beers). I was sort of shocked at both the price (close to $10) and then at the taste- I found it pretty lame, worse than some of the US macro brewed stouts of decades ago (my first thought was of the short-lived Boarhead Stout from Ortlieb).

        1. re: DapperDave

          Do they sell it in cans(with widget)? I only found it in bottles.

          1. re: Diego Sanchez

            Bottles (and draught) only, since it's meant to carbonated, and not "nitrogenated" (see link in my post below).

        2. unsure where you can buy it but i had it on draft a couple weeks back and it was delicious - so much smoother and tastier than the guiness draft...i guess it's obviously meant to be.

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          1. re: pie22

            " much smoother ... than the guiness draft..."

            Actually, the 250 is meant to be "less smooth" than the nitro "Guinness Draught". "Smooth" being typical brewery marketing-speak for the nitrogenated beers and, in this case (see Guinness quotes in article below) Guinness is using the term "zing" (oh, well...) for this beer to note that it's "carbonated" with CO2 (yeah, redundant, I suppose).


            1. re: JessKidden

              hmmm thanks for the info - i coulda sworn it tasted smoother but maybe i simply liked the "zing" better - regardless i liked the beer.

              1. re: pie22

                Yeah, well, I don't really care for the "smooth" term- for some it's a merely a "mouthfeel" descriptor (especially for the "nitro" beers). In the UK, apparently, there is now a "style" of nitro-pushed beer called "Smooth" (just like "Light" "Ice" etc.- links below,) For others, the term implies a lack of bitterness - either hop bitterness or, more commonly, the astringency found in some stouts and other beers (which is how I took your usage).

                Just thought I'd mention it 'cause I found the Diageo "zing" terminology amusing. (IIRC, there used to a US near beer called "Zing").


                1. re: JessKidden

                  Not a fan of this brew. The "zing" you discuss comes across as a vinegar flavor to me. I'm not going to miss it when it's gone. As a Guiness fan, I was very disappointed with the 250.

          2. I only picked up two bottles as I am not a huge fan of guiness these days but I was impressed. Much more enjoyable than the last few Guiness I've had out of either a bottle or a can. Might even be pursuaded to pick up a 6 pack before it disappears off the shelves.

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            1. re: rob133

              I got a "250" and saw that it was brewed in Ireland unlike the regularly bottled Guiness in the US which is brewed in Canada. Canada-maple syrup, hockey, curling - YES, Guiness Stout, I don't think so.

              1. re: BluPlateSpec

                Extra Stout is brewed in Canada. Draught is brewed in Ireland.

            2. Finally tried one.
              NOT IMPRESSED.
              A little tinny and not much else.
              I'll take a good ol' extra stout any day!