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Apr 30, 2009 07:40 PM

Recommended dishes at Valley in Garrison

Tomorrow is date night, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend any particular dishes. Many people on the board said that they enjoyed the food at Valley, but I was looking for more specific information. Any rave-worthy dishes? TIA!

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  1. Their mini apple pies for dessert are great. I think they have changed most of their menu from last year and their RW menu was different than their normal menu so I can't recommend anything. The duck breast on the RW menu was excellent, if they have something like that. Enjoy your meal and say hello to Seamus for me.

    1. So how was your meal??? I was on their website tonight and noticed that the pomegranate glazed duck breast was on the regular menu, that is what I had and loved during RW.

      No apple pies :-(. And they did not seem to have the deconstructed lemon meringue pie, which was the best dessert we had.

      1. dinner was really good. even before i go into the meal, i have to say that the parker rolls served in the beginning were great. we also got an amuse bouche of an absolutely wonderful pea soup (and i don't even like peas).

        appetizers: i had the roasted prawns prepared with ramps and wild mushrooms. it was perfectly seasoned and everything went well together. my husband had the spring onion soup, which he highly enjoyed, but he did prefer the shrimp.

        entrees: unfortunately, i didn't try the duck breast (i was on a seafood kick that evening). i ended up having the risotto. it had nice chunks of lobster and meyer lemon added the perfect dash of citrus. it was a little too salty for my taste and really salty for dh's taste though. my husband had the ny strip, which he enjoyed.

        dessert: i really liked my chocolate glazed beet red velvet cake dessert, but it was a little on the heavy after eating generous servings of shrimp and risotto, i couldn't finish my dessert. the cream cheese ice cream went well with the cake. my husband really loved the peanut butter nutella turnovers. he actually ate all of them before i could try a bite. he did mention that he couldn't really taste the grape jelly in the ice cream.

        ambiance: really was a bit chilly, but i thought it would be great to come back in warmer weather and request a table on the outdoor patio. it overlooks the golf club....very romantic setting.

        service: the servers were attentive and very nice. we arrived fifteen minutes early and were seated promptly.

        one thing that concerned me was that there were only three tables full (that's including my table) from 6:45 to 9 on a friday evening. it was really empty, but i'm hoping that it was just an off night.

        thanks for the was a great date night!

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        1. re: applesauce23

          Wow, great review!!! Dessert sounds amazing. Peanut butter nutella turnovers?? Wowwww.

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            yeah...i think i'm going to have to go on another date night to try them. =)

            all of the desserts looked great. i was really curious about the frozen yogurt parfait with roasted grapes, but i wanted to indulge a little.


        2. We had dinner there Saturday night. It was wonderful. I had the duck breast entree again (I had it during RW) and it was great, very tender. I had the duck confit ravioli which I really enjoyed, but the killer appetizer was some sort of huge prawn dish that the other 3 people at my table had. I don't eat shellfish so I can't tell you how it was but they all raved about it. My wife and another person had the steak and it looked huge and I was told it was great. The other person had the risotto with what he thinks was an entire lobster in it and he loved it.

          For dessert, I ordered the macaroon dessert which I had wanted to try during RW (it was on the preliminary menu but not the one when we were there). It was interesting, slices of coconut candy-like macaroons, placed between triangles of almond ice milk. I had to say I am not a huge fan of almonds so it was disappointing to me, but my wife liked it. My wife, on the other hand, had an absolutely AMAZING dessert -- the corndog cheesecake. (or was that vice versa). It was as it sounds -- a corndog with cheesecake inside instead of hot dog. It was perfectly fried and it was just truly amazing. It was served with some sort of milkshake in a small glass with a skewe of caramel corn sticking out of it (the milkshake may well have been ground up caramel corn). I would definitely get this one next time.

          There were several people sitting outside and it looked nice but I could see the sun being an issue (we had to close the shades in the dining room as the sun set because it was getting in people's eyes, hard to do that if you're sitting outside).

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          1. re: MisterBill2

            That corndog cheesecake sounds so good!! Do they serve lunch too?

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Dinner only, but they do brunch on Sunday.

              And the corndog cheesecake WAS good. But I have an amusing story to tell about it. I told a co-worker about it. He said it sounded strange. He thought there was an actual hot dog in there with the cheesecake! Sigh (and gross).

              1. re: MisterBill2

                HAHA!!!! I was telling my boyfriend about the corndog cheesecake and he thought the SAME thing. He thought it sounded disgusting until I informed him that contrary to what he thought there was no actual hot dog in it!!! Funny.

            2. re: MisterBill2

              a cheesecake corndog? i think it's time for another date thanks for the great review, mr. bill!