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Subs near Dave's Fresh Pasta

I am taking a friend to Daves for some fresh pasta, and other goodies on Saturday.

He suggested we get subs and take them to go. I said great and checked their menu.
But Daves sandwich menu, is not the typical sub shop menu.

Any ideas? Or can I just order a sub at Daves. I checked the menu and it doesn't say much.

Or, is there a great little sub shop I should stop into. Thanks guys.

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  1. Angelina's is about a 5-minute walk up Holland street, and does very respectable classic Italian-style subs.

    1. Sessa's on Highland Avenue (just around the corner from Mike's - right at the intersection of College, Elm, Holland and Highland) is an Italian deli and grocery that sells sandwiches (subs) that are arguably among the best in Somerville. Take home some fresh marinated artichokes to go while you are at it! :)

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        Wow, considering I live in Davis Square, I can't believe Sessa's fell off my radar screen. Enthusiastic second. If you're specifically craving subs (lergnom is definitely right that Dave's panini are quite good), you can't do much better in the area.

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          The worst eggplant parm I've ever had was from Sessa's. I went because of the rave and was sorely disappointed when I saw the woman pull a tray from the fridge and put it in the microwave. Bland and cold.

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            I usually stick with the cold cuts...very high quality and always cut fresh

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              Agreed - should have clarified that in my post. Never had a hot sub there - you go to Sessa's for the deli. And it is GOOO-OOOOD!! :)

        2. The sandwiches at Dave's are excellent and there's a large variety.

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            I agree - Dave's makes some of the best sandwiches (and I'm not a big fan of sandwiches). They'll customize for you, too, so you're not stuck with the menu.

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              Yeah, geez, why get a boring ol' sub - the Dave sandwiches are awesome!

          2. another vote for Sessa's...fresh high quality subs

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              I agree w/lergnom...the sandwiches at Dave's are delicious!

            2. The sandwiches at Dave's are very good and, overall, they have a pretty good variety with some awesome ingredients.

              If you still want to walk a bit you could head up College Avenue and then up Broadway to Victor's in Ball Square. I have raved about this place on many threads in the past. They have what I think is the best chicken parm sub in the Boston area.

              1. I will second everyone by saying
                - Dave's sandwiches are awesome. They don't have subs per se but if you want something vaguely sub-shaped you can get it on a baguette.
                - If you're just looking for a dependable standard sub, Angelina's up Holland Street fits the bill nicely.

                1. Thanks everyone.
                  It's my friends turn to choose lunch. He said subs, and I am fine with either getting a sandwich at Daves or Angelas.

                  1. I am here to report back.

                    We didn't end up at Dave's or go into Sommervile at all. My friend was late getting here
                    and we ended up thinking Medford would be quicker. Went to Bella Ravioli, a really neat little mom and pop business on Main Street, Medford. They have all kinds of fresh pasta, including lasagna sheets. I got 2lbs of fresh pasta sheets, 2lbs of very large cheese ravioli, and 1lb of fresh spaghetti, for a little over $20.00 dollars. I thought it was a great price and the spaghetti last night was wonderful. I have eaten the fresh raviolis from there and they are excellent.

                    Then we headed over to Bob's (on Main Street) also. I have had a few sandwiches from there with friends, but have never been to the shop. It's overstuffed with Italian goodies and they have a website also. We got large Italian subs for $6.50 each, along with some fresh sausage to go. On the way out, I spotted some fresh vine ripened tomatoes for sale and grabbed them. Very happy to see that they are New England grown.

                    Next time will head for Dave's, the Cubano was calling my name. ;) Thanks again guys.