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Apr 30, 2009 06:48 PM

midtown east dinner and drinks?

I will be in town next Thursday with my girlfriend and am looking for a good suggestion for dinner and cocktails. Doesn't have to be the same place.

Nothing that requires a jacket or dress.

No italian, or steak.

Otherwise, open.

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  1. Do you like Japanese food? There are some very good Japanese restaurants in that area but they do tend to be on the pricier side.

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      1. re: captpablo01

        What kind of place are you interested in for drinks? Perhaps something loungey? Thanks.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Someplace we can kick back and have a few cocktails would be best. Not a touristy joint, something more local.

        2. re: captpablo01

          There's a decent bar at Soba Totto with a custom cocktails list, and the food (soba, yakitori, etc) is also quite good. Reservations are recommended.

        3. re: kathryn

          For Japanese I find Tenzan (2nd btw. 52nd and 53rd) to be the quality for the price.

          1. re: carijo3

            I'd have to say Tenzan is middling at best. It's a decent spot for the corporate workers in the neighborhood, but I don't think it's a destination spot.

            There is, however, an interesting izakaya down the street from Tenzan that has character and interesting bites without being too pricey.

            1. re: carijo3

              Agreed...Tenzan is a winner. Nice atmosphere, great quality fish and reasonably priced; however, I've only been for wknd lunch.


              1. re: LeahBaila

                I realize there are 1000's of options, but if you were in that area what part of town would you take a subway ride or cab to and have dinner and drinks? We are going to Mesa Grill on Saturday followed by Milk and Honey.

                1. re: captpablo01

                  Gotcha, but you said that you want to stay in Midtown East in your original post. Mentioning "what part of town would you take a subway ride or cab to and have dinner and drinks" opens a whole new can of worms. Are you open to going beyond ME? Thanks.


                  1. re: LeahBaila

                    Yes we are open, but don't want to go across town if we don't have to.

          2. My standby in Midtown East is the Modern Bar Room at the MoMA.

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            1. re: JungMann

              Modern Bar Room is not in Midtown East.

              1. re: RCC

                You're right, it's 9 doors to the West. Given where I normally find myself I suppose I always considered the trip to the Modern going way out East.

            2. Sakagura (43rd between 3rd and Lex) has great Japanese pub food and sushi in an interesting underground space. Gets thumbs up from a friend who spent a year studying in Japan.

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              1. re: smartpalate77

                While Sakagura is great the portions are tiny, even by Japanese standards. If you want to fill yourself up for dinner you're going to have to throw down serious cash.

                If you want more normal Izakaya fare in Midtown East Donburiya or Ariyoshi are much cheaper.

                For Ramen Menchankotei is ok. MenKuiTei is better, but farther and a little bit more rough around the edges.

                1. For drinks, appetizers and a good atmosphere, try Bookmarks, the rooftop bar at the Library Hotel. You can have food from downstairs at Madison & Vine.



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                  1. re: UWStoSONO

                    Looks like we are going to take this a different direction and head up to Maya( I know there a several joints like this in NYC and I have been here before and it was very good.