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Apr 30, 2009 06:46 PM

Looking for Harissa - Edmonton

I an trying to track down Harissa. I stopped in at a few grocery stores today, along with the Spice Center on 34th Ave and no luck. Does anyone have an idea where I can track this North African hot sauce/paste down? Thanks

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  1. Try spinelli's in little italy- isle closet to frozen items. i bought a small tin of "conserve d'harissa". have not opened it yet, so cant tell you what its like.

    1. good luck, and if you find it post here. I hunted and hunted, ended up getting at cookbook store last time I was in Calgary but I'm almost out. Not hard to make, but more convenient to buy...

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      1. re: Dan G

        I'll try and hit up Spinelli's. I was starting to wonder if I just couldn't pick out the package, but it sounds like it may not be the easiest to find. I'll have to google a recipe Dan G, but it would definitely be easier to have a ready made supply.

      2. I'm sure I've seen it previously at the middle eastern grocery store right by Value Village on 163rd street. I can't remember the name, but Google leads me to believe this might be it:
        Westgate Halal Meat & Deli‎
        9550 163 Street NW
        (780) 444-8997‎

        FYI, I just bought some at the Shaganappi grocery store (in Calgary) which is in the strip mall on 17th Ave & 37 St SW by Liquidation World.

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        1. re: llkerr

          there is another spice store right near there called spice island at 10058 163 Street NW, you could try there too.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Yum, I love Spice Island. I hadn't looked for harissa there since they specialize in jamaican/indian foods. I had noted that their saffron prices were much better than places like the Italian Centre Shop.

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          1. 80% Sure I've seen it at Elsafadi Bros.

            I posted contact info so you can call first to check before heading out there.

            Elsafadi BROS Super Market @ Mediterranean Market 11316 134 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5E1K5 (780) 475-4909

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            1. re: egon61

              I actually stopped in there while I was getting lamb from Hajar's next door (which is why I would like the harissa), but no success.

              1. re: raidar

                Hi - after reading this board, I called Westgate and they confirmed they had the harissa.
                I got a can for $3.50. I also checked the italian grocery store on the southside, but it didn't look like they carried it. I didn't ask, just checked the spice & hot sauce shelves.

                1. re: Musealot

                  how big is the can, and what do you do with the remainder after you open it (I have visions of tomato paste here...). The stuff I bought in calgary was conveniently in a tube.

                  1. re: Dan G

                    The can was big and looks a lot like tomato paste ... I'd say it was about the size of a small soup can ... I've refrigerated the rest in a small tupperware container ... now what to do with all that harissa!!! I used some with couscous and sauteed chicken. who mentioned the lamb? and what were you going to do with it? Westgate village is a halal meat place ... they both lamb and goat in their display ... it looked very good. They also had chickpea flour ... half the price of Planet Organic's.

                    1. re: Musealot

                      I didn't mention lamb in this thread, but may have elsewhere. Slather the harissa paste on a couple of lamb shanks, a good thick coating, and marinate 24 hrs (or more). then braise in something...I think last time I cooked mine in a pot of red wine, beef broth, cloves,cinammon, cumin seeds, brown lentils...really should write my experiments down because that one turned out really well!

                  2. re: Musealot

                    Thanks for the confirmation! I couldn't find it at the south side Italian Store either.

                    1. re: raidar

                      I got my can from the little italy location.